The Top 10 Running Backs from Class of 2021

The Top 10 Running Backs from Class of 2021

As we look back to 1893 when the Texas Longhorns football program started we will find that the Texas Longhorns have come a long way. They have seen the ups and of course the downfalls during the journey. 

No denying to the fact that the recent years saw a bit sluggish performance from the Texas Longhorns, but given the potential of the players they have, they will surely bounce back triumphantly. The class of 2021 has shown encouraging signs, especially the Top 10 Running Backs from Class of 2021.

The team has players from various states ranging from Texas, North Carolina, California, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Alabama, and Virginia. To be precise Texas and North Carolina have 2 Running back each while all the other states have one Running back featuring in this list. Running backs always come in handy in the touchdown situations. 

Top 10 Running Backs from Class of 2021.

The rankings are based on the individual performance of the player and their contribution to the program. We have considered every aspect ranging from individual brilliance as well as the ability to play as a team man. 

1. Cody Dion Brown

Cody Brown
  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Parkview (Lilburn, Ga.)
  • Bio: Drafted in the second round of NFL draft 2009. During his senior season, Brown amassed a total of 18.5 sacks coupled with 33 tackles. He was awarded the First Team All-Big East considering his senior season performance. He was a major force to take the Panthers to the semis of last year’s state finals. One of his best performances could be taken as the one in which he ran over 1600 yards and completed 20 touchdowns in a single game. 

2. Armoni Goodwin

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Hewitt-Trussville 
  • Bio: Armoni is famous for his 11-second 100-meter dash which is commendable. His 2019 campaign received a major setback when he was sidelined for the entire campaign with an injury concern having played just 3 games. In 2020 he came back strongly and marked his comeback with 52 carries for 485 yards and also 10 touchdowns. He was awarded the Class 7A Second Team All-State award for running back in 2018.

3. L.J. Johnson 

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Cy-Fair (Cypress, Texas) 
  • Bio: Johnson is known for his early block-following instincts and vision and his pass-catching abilities make him a perfect fit for the position of Running Back. Currently, he is a 4-star runner but is expected to be ranked as a 5 star very soon. In the previous season, he managed to secure 40 FBS offers along with rushing for about 2,000 yards. His all-time best performance was leading the Bobcats to an 11-1 win. 

4. Evan Pryor 

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Hough (Cornelius, N.C.) 
  • Bio: Evan secured 100 meters in 10.8 seconds during his junior season. He is a compact player and his stats speak for himself. He has run 1100 yards and despite being a running back has 11 scores. He also has  38 receptions for nearly 700 yards to his name and eight touchdowns to mention. His ability to switch direction without losing much speed in split seconds makes him lethal.

5. Thad Franklin

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Chaminade-Madonna Hollywood, Fla 
  • Bio: Thad has got the build any Running back would desire, strong calves wide from the hips and broad chest. He was selected on the back of his Junior All-American performance. In his Junior season, he posted a 2,000-yard mark with 28 touchdowns in total. He holds the championship-game record for running 328 yards in a game. That performance propelled his team to a convincing 35-20 victory over Florida State University. 

6. Donovan Edwards

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of: West Bloomfield, Mich
  • Bio: Donovan has explosive strength which makes him capable of even running the entire length of the pitch. His sophomore season was messed up on account of an injury but he recovered well in time. As far as his stats are concerned he has run for 1,500 yards that include an impressive 500 yards of receiving. There are 25 total touchdowns as well. He is expected to make it to the second draft of the NFL. 

7. Camar Wheaton

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Lakeview Centennial (Garland, Texas)
  • Bio: during his junior season he was awarded as the District 10-6A MVP considering his impressive performance. He is a 5-star player, his running skills are awesome but still needs to work on his pass-catching abilities. He is also the Unanimous Texas District 10-6A Offensive Sophomore for the year 2018. Camaro has run over 3,000 yards and amassed 40 touchdowns.

8. Seven McGee

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Centennial (Corona, Calif.)
  • Bio: Seven is so lethal because of his quickness and top-end speed, it’s almost impossible to predict from which end of the pitch he will score. His junior season went into vain as he sat the entire season out with an injury. He came back aggressively and played like a boss in the sophomore campaign. Mounted over 1,000 yards of running with 10 touchdowns. He committed over 100 tackles and two interceptions as well. 

9. Will Shipley

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Weddington (Matthews, N.C.)
  • Bio:  Will can regularly hit 40 yards dash in 4.5 seconds which is quite impressive. for 3AA state champs he was the North Carolina Gatorade Football Player of the Year. He rushed for about 2,000 yards and completed 30 touchdowns. If he continued in the same form he might be a 5-star player very soon. Will is currently the number 1 rated in the all-purpose back category in the country. 

10. TreVeyon Henderson

  • Position: Running Back
  • Based out of Hopewell (Va.)
  • Bio: there are more than just 1 reason why he is rated the best running back of the class of 2021. His lean frame with shoulders wide apart gives him extra stability while making speedy runs. In the Eastern seaboard in 2019, he was no doubt the most influential player for his team. Awarded with the Gatorade Virginia Player of the Year title while playing in the junior season. Henderson was the prime force behind the 15-0 victory of  Hopewell against Virginia in the Class 3 state championship. He ran for over 2,500 yards, but what’s impressive is that he has accounted for a total of 53 touchdowns. 

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