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In the United States, it is reported that three out of four families have at least one child active in sports.

There are currently over 6 million children that participate in tackle football games and the number continues to steadily increase. On the other hand, the number of coaches has not followed that growth. There are an estimated 276,000 coaches in the United States. Those numbers create a ratio of 22:1 athletes in a team to any given coach. Unfortunately, there are just not enough coaches available to give athletes the attention they need to excel in their position or sport.

The ease of finding and connecting to a personal coach is the problem Athlete Connect is here to solve.

Mike and Brian Orakpo have created a mobile coaching app which will allow athletes to connect directly to private coaches. These coaches are specialized in their sport and can easily be found via the Athlete Connect app. You can search by position or distance to a location. Once a coach is found and the connection is made, the training begins. However, training sessions are only part of the solution. Even off the court or field, a coach can provide athletes with insightful training videos to reinforce recent sessions. Athletes can also share their success and achieve a sense of community by connecting with other athletes. The driving goal of Athlete Connect is to provide a streamlined process that allows athletes to develop with private one-on-one coaching from a background checked and reviewed coach.

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