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Best 6 Fantasy Football Apps for Drafting in 2020 – 2021

So, you’re searching for the best fantasy football apps to track your fantasy football team throughout the season? 

America’s favorite sport operates on two dimensions, one real football, and the other, fantasy football

If you are among the millions of fantasy football fans. In that case, you know how a draft day can be filled with mixed emotions, excitement during the start of the season, and getting tensed about, will you be able to choose the best players and build your dream team. And getting anxious about where you would be in the draft order, and will you be getting your best picks before others have picked it. And all these messy emotions make as a whole, everything more interesting.

I know for you the strategizing began the moment last season’s championship ended. Meanwhile, you have been deliberate about which key players you will keep for the next year and wonder what players will drop from your current draft spot.

Fantasy football is a game of monetary prizes, risk and rewards, strategy, and randomization. You have to be well informed; you need to have a backup with a proper plan and understand that winning a fantasy football league is not a walk in a park.

There are many best fantasy football sites and apps that can help you prepare and manage your draft. That includes looking at the results of the NFL’s draft during the off-season, the performance of key players over the past several seasons, the shake-ups that occurred on various teams before the start of this season, news and information from NFL training camps and pre-season matchups, and fantasy projections for the upcoming season.

Fantasy Football Apps

All that research is essential, but to use it online or in person during a live draft, you’ll want to use your notes and cheat sheets with all your research and projections. Apps are always better than cheat sheets because they can include all your league setups and scoring rules, real-time selection of other league members, and their impact on your team. And offer suggestions based on available players and their stats.

Beyond getting ready for your draft, apps can make a great replacement with traditionally used in-person drafts. With plenty of league information available at your fingertips, anybody can hoist their league trophy by season’s end using these apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

But before getting with the best fantasy football draft app, let’s know the rules and scoring system.

If you are new to fantasy football, you might be surprised by the differences you see when it comes to rules and scoring. However, most websites and leagues follow the same standard football scoring: six points for a touchdown. But you should have a look at whether or not things like interception and return yards are scored and how they are scored. Study all these before you start picking up players according to their strengths before the drafts, so you can season your strategy ahead of time and prepare accordingly, and tailor those strengths to your advantage.

Also, don’t over-focus on top tier players while planning for your team. Identify good second-tier players that other team managers might overlook. Try to identify and pick up running backs that are good at catching many passes; these players will help you with lots of yards, receiving and rushing touchdowns. 

Below are the 6 top fantasy football apps for drafting.

#1 Football Guys Draft Dominator

Footballguys draft dominator is a serious app for football fans. There is just a lot of information out there for the amount you’re paying for; as I said above, this is for someone serious about the application and game, and you’re willing to pay a little to have all the information put together in one place. This app is the one you can go blindly with. 

Football guys Draft Dominator

This app not only has detailed player information but also it puts everything in a way that is beneficial to your fantasy drafts; overall, it will combine more information than you’ll know what to do with.

You can easily access game scores, player updates, depth charts, commentary, newsletter, projections, podcasts, and more, all within the app; you can also filter the information according to what you read and hear. 

The app’s layout isn’t bad, but it does take time for the new user to get used to the features and options. There are so many more features that I have personally never seen yet from the way it is presented.

The draft dominator app doesn’t host fantasy leagues though, it’s merely a mock drafting resource to help you plan for the real fantasy thing.

#2 Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Yahoo Sports fantasy football takes the crown for the oldest and largest fantasy option on the Web.

Search giant yahoos carved out a respectable niche for itself in online fantasy sports, hosting more users and leagues than all its competition.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo fantasy sports is one of the best football apps covering various other fantasy sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey and allows you to switch between your leagues. 

Yahoos simple interface helps players with little or no experience 

Players can join fantasy leagues, quickly set up team line-ups, track scores and performance, and check out yahoo sports prices. 

#3 NFL Fantasy Football


NFL Fantasy Football

NFL fantasy football is an excellent place to start your search for fantasy football apps; since it’s the official app for NFL, you get the latest news and data sourced straight from the NFL itself. This app got a significant update in 2019 with improved player profiles, and a revised team section helped out by an improved player comparison tool. 

Join or create leagues with custom rules, check live scoring, and control multiple teams all at once. 

Like other apps, you can set up your line-ups, check transactions, player news, etc.

For a complete cheat sheet and draft kit directly from the NFL, look no further than the official NFL fantasy football app. 

#4 ESPN Fantasy Sports. 


ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN is the first source you get in mind and runs fantasy leagues when you think about football.

ESPN sports offer alerts for injuries, trades, and scoring updates. You also have access to live auction and snake drafts right from the app. 

ESPN fantasy football has been criticized a lot before and marginalized; it still ranks just behind yahoo in popularity and reviews. The clean UI in the application makes the user interface best for the experience. The best part about this application is it’s free and has many other fantasy sports like basketball, baseball, and hockey. 

#5 RotoWire Draft Kit


RotoWire Draft Kit

The RotoWire draft kit is the gem for the users using iOS and has all the tools to make you champion your fantasy leagues. 

From my experience, RotoWire is the #1 fantasy news source. They give you everything you may need to operate with your drafts. 

The roto wire app creates a ranked cheat sheet for drafts based on performance projection. Users can run set drafts priorities, run mock drafts against the AI and get detailed analysis, news stories, and predictions.

It’s a handy app for anyone who wants to have detailed research and be ready for their drafts; one setback that I felt was that the user interface could be improved slightly. It takes time to understand for newbies about the overall features, and for me, it took a lot of time to get used to it.

#6 CBS Sports Fantasy


CBS Sports Fantasy

You can make custom-made rankings, and auction values for your fantasy drafts chat sheets in CBS sports. It’s another versatile fantasy sports app that covers fantasy football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

This will take a right into the news you will need for your fantasy team. A simple user interface and excellent navigation get you player news and a lot more. 

The app also provides various features such as season projection, a draft companion, player ranking, and player news that will be useful even if you play at Yahoo, ESPN, and other fantasy sports applications.

CBS sports account users can set updrafts, access live scores, and other personalized content, and also, it’s free.


Many fantasy football team managers are not willing to spend more when it comes to trading. And that’s a pretty understandable mindset, and nobody wants to get an unfair trade, especially with their star players. But you can turn this to your advantage. 

Another manager in your league who’s more eager to snatch up your star players might be willing to give you a lot more players in exchange, allowing you to come out ahead even if you lose one of your top performers with the trade.

Even the best player is only a single-player, after all. 

Just study the field properly to understand you are getting equal and more excellent value to what you’re giving up. Don’t get too over-eager yourself and ignore the previous tips about goodbye weeks, waivers, etc. when trading.