Betting on golf

Recently, golf betting has been gaining in popularity all over the place. This is not surprising, as it is one of the sports that takes place all year round. And all willing bettors can place their bets at any time, no matter what season is going on now. And thanks to the fact that this interesting entertainment takes place around the world, locally you may participate, no matter where you are. Further in this article especially for you was collected all the relevant information in a very clear and simple language. So enjoy reading and gaining valuable knowledge.

Golf Introduction

Today there are a huge number of different interesting and exciting sports disciplines. Among them is golf, which will be discussed further in this article. This sporting discipline refers to perhaps the most intelligent stratum of society around the world. It is now safe to say that almost every region of the planet is happy to welcome to their fields, all involved in this exciting entertainment. And almost everywhere there are their professional tours. For example:

  • Japanese;
  • Canadian;
  • Australasian;
  • Asian and others.

But newcomers who are just getting acquainted with the field are strongly advised to focus on the major series, such as the American PGA Tour or the European Tour. The latter is not limited to any season, it is held throughout the year. And, what’s also important to know is that tournaments in this series take place in the most remote corners of the world. For example: China, India, Australia, South Africa and others. But the events of the PGA Tour are held from January to November at the usual pace. Like tennis, golf has four majors: the US Masters in April, the US Open in June, the July Open – also known as the British Open – and the US PGA Championship in August. It is important to say that tournaments for professional players are often events that last 4 days, where the main task of participants is to overcome 72 holes. The tournament is also divided into 4 rounds, and their cumulative victory is the golfer who has spent the least number of strokes in the game to pass the courses.

Golf betting odds

Players today have one popular way to bet on golf. It consists of placing a stake on the gambler most likely to win the game. In order to understand who is likely to win, the bookmaker has to give you a list of the names of the golfers and a few numbers opposite them. These values are the odds. In order to understand them, you will have to determine which one you see. Below is a list where you shall find the most common ones:

  • Moneyline or American odds. These are numbers that are shown with an addition or subtraction sign. Each of them has a different meaning. A positive sign indicates how much you will win. The minus sign, on the other hand, indicates how much you have to bet to get;
  • Decimal indicators. These are represented as 1.50, 2.50, and others. Each of these numbers also shows how much you earn on your bet;
  • Fractional odds. A simple example is 5/1, which is also called five to one. With this, bettors win 5 notional units for each bet placed.

This is the most basic information you need to know. With this information, you will be able to understand the field without much effort. And you shall be able to get the most out of it and benefit yourself.


You need an understanding of golf betting games. This will help you and greatly improve your strategies in the future. And it shall also give you the ability to choose games based solely on your experience and knowledge. Below you can find a list of the best software today. And so, here it is:

  • Nassau. This game is one of the most popular software for betting on golf. Of all the ones you can get to know on the course. It usually involves 2 or 4 players;
  • Dots or Trash. This is a very interesting and exciting golf betting game. In which 2, 3 or 4 players can participate. Here each opponent pays according to the difference between his points and the other participants in the golf group;
  • Skins. Also quite a popular game. Here you will have the opportunity to compete with both rough and clean skins. If the first option, scratch golf players will have the advantage. The goal of the game is to score the least amount of points on the hole. If two people share the lowest number of points, no one wins a skin;
  • 6-6-6. The game is a slight modification of the Nassau bet and is ideal if you can’t agree on suitable teams. Here you may be 2 vs. 2. The game is designed for 4 players;
  • Wolf. This is incredibly exciting entertainment. In which each hole is a unique bet with different teams. Here you can participate with 4 or 5 players who will be in the same group.

Well, that was the top 5 most diverse forms of entertainment. Don’t miss out on such great opportunities to participate in these games. After all, according to thousands of players around the world, it really can be very profitable. If you find more and reliable platforms, your success is guaranteed.


In this sport, as in many others, it is possible to make your rates using a golf betting system. Everything is much simpler than it actually sounds. A system is a combined bet of several expressions. The rate amount here is evenly distributed between these splits. The name itself is usually composed of two numbers. For example, “5 out of 7”. Where the first number means the digital of events in each of the parlay, and the second is the figure of outcomes.  In a 5 out of 7, there are a total of 7 outcomes, all of which are a series of 5 events. In order to withdraw your money further, you need to complete at least 5 of the 7 outcomes. In this case, one of the seven outcomes will win. Such betting odds can be as many as “16 out of 17”.

Golf betting tips

Once again, for better understanding, let’s run through the fact that golf staking, in simple terms, is betting on a particular player to win a tournament. Today, there are two basic formats. One is match play, where the winner is determined by the number of matches won. And the second is a knockout game, and here it all depends on the amount of points scored on each hole for a certain figure of its passes. In the present time, staking can be made in different ways, both golf betting online and offline. The first is naturally more popular, as it is more comfortable. In order to properly conduct this event to your advantage, you will need to learn a couple of tips. And here they are:

  • Awareness of the arbitrage system. Before you bet your funds on any outcome, make sure that you read enough information about this value. Since it contributes significantly to the outcome you will get;
  • A Responsible Approach. As with any gambling game, you need to warn yourself against taking too much risk. Especially if you know that morally you may not always be able to control your feelings and are not always in good control of yourself;
  • Strategy. If you plan to rate on golf, it is always better to have at least a minimum of preparation. A well thought out and quality betting strategy will always bail you out;
  • A reliable bookmaker’s office. It is much better to bet on golf in places where you can simply withdraw your funds in case you win. This guarantees you high results in your endeavors.

Apply or keep these tips in mind when you start your trades. It is also very important to rest well and make all decisions with a cool head before doing so. This is necessary in order that in the future in case of crisis situations you could do the right thing and still be a winner.

Golf betting

Since there are a variety of conditions today, there are several options on how you can bet on golf. Read about what these ways are below:

  • The winner of the tournament. This is the most basic bet in golf. In order to make it, you need to pay attention to the odds. Calculate your rate, check with your strategy, and bet on the golfer who is expected to win;
  • Best Finishing Markets. This is a bet on the finishing position on the player who is expected to finish in the top 5 or top 10 and others;
  • A bet on both outcomes. In a game such as golf, the meaning of “one way” means a rate that has been split. Half goes to the player and the other half to a ticket, such as a top-5;
  • Face-to-face meetings. Bookmakers organize one-on-one matches where players of comparable skill level participate;
  • Live golf betting. Thanks to a huge variety of mobile applications for this entertainment, one of the most progressive segments of staking is in real time. This is the ability to place bets while the game is in progress.

Keep in mind that this area is constantly evolving and various changes are possible. Always be prepared for the fact that here you will need to learn how to react as quickly as possible to the events. At the same time, be able to remain calm and prudent. Don’t rush, don’t panic, but think things through in a measured way and act with confidence.

Top 10 golf betting sites

As mentioned earlier in the article, in order for you to successfully apply all the knowledge you now have. You just need to find the right betting site for you. Which will create all the necessary conditions for your comfort and further success. But the problem is that often many players get lost in the variety of platforms today. That is why below specifically for the most common requirements of the gambler and was compiled this list of sites. Take a look at them:

Fanduel Sportbook

Here you will find a unique welcome offer in the form of a bonus at registration. Also, after making a deposit with your first deposit, a generous reward shall be waiting for you. Of the benefits: competitive pricing, offers parlay per game, exclusive live streaming. Payout time is up to 7 days;

Caesars Sportbook

This is an incredibly generous welcome bonus of up to USD 1250. One of the distinctive advantages is that the bookmaker offers parlay on the same game. Also, there is a wide range of betting possibilities. Payout time is up to 5 days;


One of the most distinctive bookmakers on the market. Welcomes all new players with a generous bonus up to USD 1000. Payment terms are from 2 to 7 days. And also from the excellent advantages can be noted that the bookmaker has very convenient and feature-rich mobile app. Incredibly good deposit options where each user will find a convenient way for themselves. And it is important that it offers one-game betting;


Here the welcome bonus is a little less generous than the bookmakers above. And yet, this office will surprise you with its payout period, which is up to 3 days. And also here you shall find a good and high-quality real time betting section. The bookmaker’s office offers single game staking. And it has one of the simplest and most user-friendly interfaces;


Here you will be greeted with unique weekly promotions and a welcome bonus of up to USD 500. Also here you shall have access to more than 20 sports. And this bookmaker offers parlay per game, which is very profitable and interesting. The payout period here will be from 1 to 14 days;


A bookmaker’s office, which absolutely deserves its attention. Here you shall be a pleasure to bet on golf. You will be greeted with a pretty generous welcome bonus. And you shall most likely be pleased with the payment terms that range from 1 to 5 days. You’ll also find a beautifully designed mobile app here. Parlays on the same game live. And here you will definitely always be welcome and help, thanks to the quality round the clock customer support. Also here is a very user-friendly interface;


One of the most popular gambling sites. With a green and yellow logo. Here the payment terms are up to 5 days. And there are several significant advantages. There is one of the best sportsbooks, where absolutely every user will find what he needs. Also, there are a large number of markets. And some of the fastest and safest banking services;


Of the safest bookmakers on the market today thanks to its security protocols. It has one of the most competitive and modern platforms for betting. And convenient and most importantly fast banking. Where a very high quality approach to each client. And support around the clock will always help with all the difficulties, if you have any. You shall also be welcomed with a bonus of up to USD 250. And the payout period here will last up to 5 days;


Thanks to a progressive team of experts and creatives, there are frequent offers and promotions that are periodically updated. It’s always fun to play here thanks to these conditions. And there is their own online sportsbook software, which is very convenient. Fast withdrawal of funds, which is from 1 to a maximum of 7 days. And the welcome bonus is one of the most generous will be up to USD 250;


Immediately worth mentioning is the excellent welcome bonus of USD 100, which is very easy to get. Also there are constantly good prices. And the bookmaker offers parlay per game. The payment terms of your winning money will not be more than 3-10 days. Which of course is a bit long, but that’s why it’s 10th place. But nevertheless in this 10 bookmakers are included for a reason. But because of its simple and very comfortable interface.

Also, you should understand that these sites were chosen through a thorough analysis and survey of many players, both beginners and professionals. Therefore, you can safely trust these services. Here you will find some of the most comfortable conditions for betting.


This is the most comprehensive guide to golf betting. You learn a lot of new and useful information here. About golf betting lines and much more. It also has the top 10 sites where you can make your best decisions. But remember, success always depends on very many factors, such as basic and additional knowledge, research and, of course, the amount of practice. Also always remember your strategy, don’t forget to make it in advance and then learn to follow it. In order not to lose a lot, just act carefully and a little, but most importantly steadily and systematically, and then you will undoubtedly succeed in this business.