- High School Football Coaching Tips To Move Next Level

High School Football Coaching Tips To Move Next Level

Getting players noticeable in the eyes of recruiters isn’t always easy. You need to have the best coaching and winning performance in your football game.

William Garrow, the Washington High School expert coach shares his views on some high school football coaching tips.

Garrow always believes that winning the football game is his foremost job. And any expert coach accepts that good coaching, selflessness, accountability, and sincerity are the base of the perfect football team. He also believes that any single underwhelming season gives a break to the victory with a pink slip.

But besides all the critics in high school football tips, when he initiated his prime season as the head man of the football team at North Thurston high school in Lacey, Washington, Garrow came to understand the importance of bringing players in the limelight and marketing them to reach to the next level.

In the nearby Steilacoom high, as an assistant coach of the linebacker Fotu Leiato, Garrow vaults him as a star player from the little vision when he self was juggling for gaining interest. However, later after getting coaching from Garrow, he gets his first proposal of fielding in-game from the nation’s top programming institutes.

Although the Leiato isn’t his only success story. Thus, we caught him up to find his secret of how to be a good football coach. Initiating with the first and the best football coaching advice, here are his secrets of getting the eyes of the recruiters on your players.

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Here are the Expert Coach Tips to Become Pro Player

high school football coaching

Keep the Players Responsible

Garrow always asks his players to take active participation in the creation of the best football player. So, he still required his football players to regularly update their videos once in three weeks throughout their session.

However, his own experience with the college coaches makes him believe too that holding the entire process on the player’s shoulder isn’t good enough. Therefore, along with his staff, he self-views the player’s video, and edit are required to suits perfectly what a recruiter is looking into a player foremost.

Furthermore, Garrow always says that “The players or kids can watch their tape as it had less burden if they self-do it.” They make their players stars as far as they keep on practicing and don’t consume much time to put it together.

Make Players Familiar with the do’s and don’ts of Game

On the ground, the ideal highlight player will be scoring passes and long runs. However, the limelight players’ ability can also be a highlight in the game-altering. Therefore, coming with his best tip for the first-time football coaches, he considers the previous year example who has great lateral quickness but doesn’t have much speed.

Garrow brings his video clip in which he puts his 70 yards touchdown run, but we need to watch the safety that closes to him. Thus, Garrow said to explain his point that, “If he is a college player and watches that a college player is running to chase a goal and then there are defenders that are closing on to him, I feel that he’ll get trap.” So, that is not the thing to put first in the clip. And all you need is to put the 12-yard run.

Along with this, he also includes tips on how to coach a football team that the far better you know the strengths of your players, the better you will be capable of coaching them and market themselves.

Furthermore, along with our staff, “we also give the best to find the best performing and eye-catching players that push the coaches to rewind the videos and watch that highlights again.

Keep Them Motivated with Team Spirit

Another useful tip by Garrow on how to coach football team is to keep them driving and build team spirit in the organization and players too. Many parents and players have unrealistic expectations in their mind to make their kid a star player. Thus, it becomes difficult to build a team when the whole focus is on the sole player.

Therefore, the foremost thing that we tell the football players as well as their parents, it is challenging to create a team than teaching specific skills and techniques to sole players. So, the prime thing that all players need to learn is how to corporate with other players and motivate others too. Having a team spirit is a must to win any prosper game.

First, build a team spirit by knowing yourself first to respect other players’ performance even when the game isn’t revolving around you.

Always Deal Realistically with Expectations

It’s important always to encourage players to have the commitment and high goals to keep them ahead in the game even if they have average talent. However, it is wrong to think that its coach’s responsibility to get them on to the way of stardom players. It is the responsibility of a coach to make them familiar with reality.

You may push yourself by saying that you are all set talented to play at Stanford. However, the reality might be that you gain enough talent to get Division III high academic schools.

Garrow says that “The key to success is the expecting thing with reality and honesty.” It might be the player not ready to have an honest opinion about themselves from the coach at that time, but as the famous verdicts say that, “honesty is the best policy,” therefore the real and honest opinion helps them in gaining value during the recruiting process.

The recruiter’s world is holding ease with honesty, talent wins, and prospects. However, encouraging players to have the responsibility of their limelight and failure is important and always target the corrections so that their odds get noticed.

Here are Some Showdown Tips by the Famous Coach Garrow

Start Early

Waiting for your turn and season for a football player doesn’t make any sense to make their highlight video. However, starting as soon as possible helps players to build a big start video in just a few early games. Therefore, one of the best tips in how to coach football books is to start early so that you will be able to adjust your graphs and adapt yourself for the coming seasons.

Discipline and Commitment

Discipline is the key to success. Thus, it is even a necessary step in high school football coaching tips to maintain the subject during their game. Keep committing to their game with discipline always helps in creating the star players. Garrow still teaches the kid’s players to maintain control and regular practicing to find better odds to highlight the most.

Final Words

Garrow considers these as the necessary steps in getting the best coaching tips in football to take the player on another level. Along with all the steps he included in the beginning, he also loves to include the beginning video-making process to have measurable stats and other precise details of the player’s performance to work more precisely.

Adding this in coaching tips will also help in improvising the scores and grades too.