How We Rate and Review Sportsbooks

The choice of sports bookmaker companies is quite important for betting enthusiasts. It is essential not to contact scammers and get quality service. Specialized sites can often help you with this. Pages with reviews offer you to get acquainted with the most important characteristics and get the necessary information. Thus, users can study and understand for themselves whether this company is suitable for them or not. In this article, you may find out how the analysis of bookmakers presented on this platform takes place. You will get acquainted with all the algorithms that the experts produce before writing a review for you. Also, this article will help you understand how you can choose your own Sports Betting Site.

About Bookmakers and Betting

For a long time, bookmaker companies have been a reliable guide for users to the world of betting. Initially, this was done in offline format. Specialized outlets were built, which were visited by all those who wanted to earn real money thanks to their knowledge of sports. Today that is a thing of the past. However, the essence has not changed. The only significant difference is that the whole process now takes place online. Online Betting is a great opportunity for everyone to start earning real money. You do not need to search for a long time and do a lot of actions. You can just open the list of the best and choose the right option. Due to the fact that the industry is developing quite rapidly there are already many Betting Sites. Each of them has its own unique design and many other distinctive features. That is why you just need to know what criteria are taken into account when forming the top Bookmaker Companies.

List of the main Criteria

Before writing a company review, it is checked by a group of experts. This is always an established algorithm. Thanks to this each Bookmaker is evaluated in equal conditions. You can read the list of basic criteria below:

  • Trustworthiness;
  • Website and Mobile App;
  • Betting options;
  • Deposits and Withdrawals;
  • Bonuses;
  • User experience and Ratings;
  • Customer service.

It is these criteria that receive the most attention. This list was created based on extensive experience, as well as the opinion of many professional bettors. This allows you to sensibly evaluate bookmaker sites and Betting apps. Below you can read about each of these points in more detail.


The first thing you should pay attention to is the reliability and legality of the company. After all, if the bookmaker does not have official permission, there is no point in studying his platform further. That is why the first thing to do is to check whether the company has a license for gambling activities. It is easy and simple to do because all bona fide organizations indicate information about the permission obtained on their official website. Most often you can find it on the main page at the bottom. After finding the specified regulatory authority, I should go to its website. For example, the site of the Bookmaker indicates that the license was obtained in Curacao. So you need to open the official page of the Gambling Commission and enter the authorization number in the search.This way you can check who the license was issued to, why and for how long. If the data is correct and everything is up to date, then you may safely move on to the next step. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the license may not be issued to this particular bookmaker, but to the management company. This is also a positive sign. Because it often happens that one organization owns several betting sites. Also in the information on the main page it is worth checking the information about the encryption systems used. This gives confidence that the user’s personal data and funds are completely safe.

Website and Mobile App

For many bettors, it is very important which platform they will use to place their bets. With a good level of development, there are really good opportunities for users. You can easily find the right site for you in terms of design, color combination, button layout and so on. This is really important for comfortable betting. In this section, you can even make a separate list of what most often pay attention to specialists:

  • Speed of information processing;
  • Absence of advertising banners;
  • The right combination of colors without bright elements;
  • The functionality of the site and application;
  • Convenient navigation.

All this in total allows users to use all the services of the companies and do not feel discomfort at the same time. It is also important for many people to have a program for mobile devices or at least a site adapted for smartphone screens. This allows bettors to always stay connected and place a bet at any time. In this case, the functionality of the mobile application should not be inferior to the website. The most common platforms for which bookmakers create programs are Android and iOS. Availability of software is also taken into account during the analysis. It is important for applications to be simple and supported on a large number of devices, not just new ones.

Betting Options

Not an unimportant criterion when choosing a bookmaker. Each user must decide for himself what sports and betting must be present in a suitable company. Specialists in this criterion takes into account the specific country for which the bookmaker is focused. And based on the preferences of the inhabitants is analyzed. Most often several most popular sports are taken into account. Of course, it is also worth taking into account the spread of each event. A standard set of bets that each bookmaker must have will be listed below:

  • Total;
  • Live stakes;
  • Double odds;
  • Handicap;
  • Combination bets;
  • On the exact score;
  • Betting on Statistics;
  • Long-Term;
  • Express bets.

This list may vary depending on the sport. There are popular tournaments and championships in each game. This is also an important aspect. Because of popular competitions, bookmakers often offer the most profitable conditions. The margin is smaller, but the winnings are bigger. The variety of sports should be sufficient. Often it is 20 or more variants. Such a sportsbook will include not only popular sports, but also exotic ones. And this allows bettors to have a more diverse activity.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Many users use bookmaker companies to make money and so this criterion is very important. After all, this is where every bettor’s journey begins. Many organizations enter into partnerships with popular payment systems and provide users with withdrawals or deposits without commissions and delays. It is also worth considering your location. It happens that international companies have really many payment methods. But not all of them are available in every country. The most popular payment systems used by bookmakers:

  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Cryptocurrencies.

Each bettor must decide for himself which way it is convenient for him to make transactions. Bookmakers may have different limits and payment processing time. It should also be taken into account. Information on this issue can always be found in the FAQ section. Also cooperation with reputable payment systems gives even more confidence and security. Sometimes there are bookmaker companies which are ready to give out winnings in cash at their offices. However, for this purpose, there must be an official representative office of this organization in your country and city.


This criterion is very important because each user through bonuses and promotions can increase their chances of success. Bookmakers develop whole programs of incentives, thanks to them every bettor may get prizes for his activity. And most often it does not depend on the status – a beginner or an experienced user. At the moment, there are already a huge variety of different offers that players receive. Some of them remain always the most coveted and you can read about them further on:

Welcome Bonus. This is an offer that every bookmaker tries to add to their promotions program. After all, the very first bonus is really important. That’s why, more often than not, they are the most generous. Most of the welcome offers are tied to the deposit that the user makes after registration. The bonus is calculated as a percentage of its amount. Wagering rules may apply. The maximum amount may be limited;

Deposit Bonus. This promotion is already designed for all users. The conditions may be completely different. For example, this bonus may be valid only on a certain day or only if you make a deposit using the specified method. The user can use the received funds for betting and withdraw them after wagering;

Free bets

This bonus can be used as a welcome bonus. There is always a limited amount that the bettor receives for certain actions. The funds received can only be used for betting. Withdrawal of such a bonus is possible after the wagering condition is met;


This type of bonus is especially interesting for active users. The amount of funds received back is calculated on the amount of your bets for a certain period. It can be once a week or once a month. The received funds may be spent again on bets or withdrawn by any available method;


Such promotions have a competitive nature between bettors. Most often, the bookmaker determines the total amount, which is then divided among the best users;

Loyalty program

This is a multilevel system of rewards. Players can receive various benefits when participating. Users with the highest levels in the loyalty program are often allocated a personal manager in the support service, provide the best betting options and much more.

These are a few of the main types of rewards at bookmaker companies. In order to get specific information about bonuses in a particular organization you should read its review or go to the official website in the “Promotions” section. It is important to take into account both the conditions of receipt and the wagering rules of all offers.

User experience and Ratings

These criteria are interrelated. Many users, when choosing a bookmaker, pay attention to its rating or reviews of other bettors. For this purpose, there are quite a few independent sites that allow you to share your opinion about the site or mobile app. However, you should never base your analysis on just one review. It is better to analyze both good and bad (if any). This is the only way to form an opinion about a company as accurately as possible. Similarly with ratings. Oh it is very difficult to find a bookmaker, which would have the maximum rating on all fronts. It is simply not possible to create a perfect product for everyone. But the user can select for themselves certain criteria, which are most important and based on this already study the reviews and ratings. It is also worth considering their age. If the rating or review was made a long time ago, most likely they have already lost their relevance. In this case, it is worth exploring newer ones.

Customer Service

Despite the fact that this criterion is at the very end – it does not mean that it is not important. Often users encounter certain kinds of difficulties. This can be a problem with the software or a simple lack of knowledge. That’s why a department of specialists who are ready to help at any moment is of great value. It is important that the bettor is able to contact not only at any time of the day or night, but also has several ways to do so. The main contact methods in bookmaker companies are listed below:

  • Live Chat. This is the fastest and easiest option. The bettor just needs to open the official website of the bookmaker or mobile application and click on the appropriate icon. After that, it will be possible to state the essence of the appeal in writing and receive an immediate response;
  • Email. The most common method of communication. Address to which you can send a message is listed in the “Contact Us”. Communication takes place in a standard form;
  • Phone number or feedback. If there is an official representative office of the bookmaker in the country, there will also be a phone number. The call will be free of charge. Some companies use a feedback form. In this case, the user specifies his data and the reason for contact and the first freed specialist contacts him

A good indicator is when the organization has 2 or more methods of contact. Regardless of the chosen method you should clearly and competently state the essence of your problems and then you will get better and faster help.