Ranking the Top College Football Facilities 2021

Ranking the Top College Football Facilities 2021

For Football Programs, it’s a matter of pride to provide their recruits with the best training facility possible. Several factors are coming into play for a talented football team to perform great in a season. Having the latest Football facilities in the college is the most important of them. Programs keep on striving to provide the best of the best facilities in the college such as indoor and outdoor practice grounds, training and weight rooms, and a lot more. 

With impressive facilities comes exciting talent, and greater are the chances of making it to the playoffs. With the level of amenities provided to the players, you’d expect them to perform superbly. The NFL recognizes itself as a trade association the finances for which are sponsored by its teams. It is one of the best North American football leagues It is immensely popular across the U.S. with an average attendance of 67.5k which beats any other sports league in the world.

With all this, it’s always important to keep the prime ingredient in mind, that is practice and pure talent. Sometimes programs go so far that they spend millions to make huge buildings and fancy amenities. 

Let’s explore the top college football facilities of 2021

  • Clemson Football Facility 

Clemson should be at the first position in this list as it shows how much of a competition each school puts into providing excellent facilities. 

Clemson Football Facility

Already equipped with top-notch facilities, they are not finished with improvement. Recently spent $55 million to build up a venue for the football team exclusively. Clemson Tigers is the football team for Clemson University, and it has reached the playoffs 4 times winning it twice a large part of this success is attributed to their training program. 

The venue will serve as the home for the players when they are not in the class. There is everything required for a footballer and even more facilities for recreation such as a mini-golf simulator, ping pong tables, salon, volleyball pit, kitchen area, and more. The facilities are enough to keep them equipped the whole day. Recruits won’t have any problem falling for the numerous options available in Clemson. All they have to focus on is the results.

  • Alabama Football Facility 
Alabama Football Facility

One of the best football facilities in the country is in Alabama which has a playoff every season. Very recently they have paid $9 million to provide more facilities such as a players lounge, arcade games, pool tables, waterfall, hydrotherapy pool, very large hot tubs that keep anyone entertained all day. Their 40000 square feet Strength and Conditioning Center is thus far among the biggest in the country and is certainly a big plus for them. Their indoor facility is as good as anyone else’s and they have 3 outdoor full-length football fields with artificial turf to practice m

The Alabama Crimson Tide football program is one of the most decorated programs having won 18 national championships. They boast a 50% record in the playoffs having reached the playoffs 6 times and winning it thrice. Basic facilities that are required for each player such as a spacious locker with their name illuminated on it are all available. They claim to have the largest practice area in the country.  And the success rate of the Alabama Football facility speaks for itself. 

  • Ohio State Football Facility 

Ohio State has been in the game for a long time and the facility is now going through a lot of renovations. They have named their facility The Woody Hayes Athletic Center. The facility is built-in 70000 square feet at the expense of a whooping $7.8 Million. This huge amount for a football facility tells you volumes about the importance of the game for Ohio State. 

Ohio State Football Facility

It is having both indoor and outdoor training facilities, why these changes are required to keep up with the new and advanced facilities other programs provide to their players.  It has many facilities under its arsenals such as sleep pods, cryotherapy chambers, and a bunch of other tools for recovery for the athletes. After a long practice, if the player wishes to have an unwind, he can simply head to one of the recreational activities such as a basketball court, golf simulator, arcade, or a haircut from the salon.

The stadium with over 100,000 seat capacity which is always full and an extravagant locker room, the focus is on the details. With many handy facilities already in place, there is always room for better facilities to introduce.

  • Oregon Football Facility 

Oregon is well known for the constant renewal of the campus. The most benefits are received by the football facility of the school. The school is famous for its eye-catchy jersey color combinations. This heavenly-looking facility is founded by Nike founder Phil Knight at a cost of over $68 million and spans lavishly around 145,000 square feet. 

Oregon Football Facility

The five-star-looking lounge is equipped with 64 TVs that can project an image so large proclaiming the richness of the facility. To properly stand out from the competition, the Oregon football facility uses high-quality materials in the weight room with Brazilian hardwood and Italian leather on the players’ lounge. 

  • Texas A&M Football Facility 
Texas A&M Football Facility

Texas A&M has one of the biggest stadiums among other college stadiums in the country.  After the $500 renovation, a lot of attention was given to the football facility too. More than $20.8 million was spent on the Bright Football complex. The complex is a true view for an outsider with the history of the alumni of the football players. The Slocum Nutrition Center cost a whopping price of $12 Million.

 Their glorious successes in the NFL are on display along with the uniform combination creator. The nicest part of the facility is the locker room that displays each player’s name along with their photo and Twitter handle. Texas A&M is all set to drive its players to success.

  • Oklahoma Football Facility 

Oklahoma football facility has gone through a lot of changes and is on its new facility of more than 132,000 square feet football complex. In the complex, 32,000 square feet is a training facility alone. The facility is three times larger than what they had to offer earlier. They also have the display of what their glorious achievements are throughout NFL history. The head coach room looks more like a white house office room than a football facility room.

Oklahoma Football Facility

With a very big list of successes to show off, they will keep on bringing in improvements to the football facility. There is no shortage of renovations of the facility in the last few years.

  • South Carolina Football Facility 

The South Carolina Gamecocks have a 110,000 foot Cyndi and Kenneth Long Family Football Operations Center to boast for. There is everything a football player could wish for in this facility and more. To make this operations center a reality more than $50 million has been put in. The facility consists of a 20,000 square feet football weight room along with a dedicated nutrition area providing healthy supplements to the player’s efforts.

Though South Carolina is yet to see great success in the NFL, the efforts put into carving a great footballer out of youth in this facility seem to achieve greater results shortly. 

  • Texas Football Facility 

The days of fame that Texas enjoyed in the early 2000s are not back yet. That doesn’t mean the facility isn’t generating a lot of revenue. The extravagant upgrades going on in the facility are testimony for this. The facility has a lot of amenities that cannot be seen in many mainstream football facilities on the list.

Texas Football Facility

They got the attention of the public with the launch of a $7 million locker room facility in 2017. Costing $8700 for each locker, the reason could be traced back to the quality of it. Instead of making wooden or normal lockers, they are made of stainless steel with antibacterial properties. Each locker is equipped with a 37 inch TV that displays the player’s picture, name, and other information. The ventilation system and a lot of other handy facilities are more than enough to make any prospect player under the spell of this Football facility.

  • LSU Football Facility 

Before the success of this season, LSU had done the renovation of their training complex for $28 Million through private donations. To compete with the big sharks, they had to chip in many improvements in the facilities under the display. LSU also has a very sophisticated locker system with great ventilation and antibacterial surfaces. 

LSU Football Facility

The facility is without question one of the best football facilities. They represent the Louisiana State University, they are ranked at 11th in the countdown of programs with the best winning percentage. The Charles McClendon Practice Facility, which is their own training facility has as many as 4 outdoor football fields each 100 yards long. The indoor facility is a special climate control 82,500 square feet area. 

  • Michigan Football Facility 

With the Jordan sponsorship, Michigan opened up a facility of 280,000 square feet which cost a not so little amount of $168 million. This facility is not only focusing on football but is one of the best facilities in the country. 

Michigan Football Facility 

Michigan got a $14.8 Million upgrade on the football facility alone. The weight room is so well-made, other such facilities have no way to compete. Do you know Michigan Wolverines have the most all-time wins in the history of college football and that’s something that cannot be achieved without a world-class in-house facility? 

Even though the past few years have been bad performance-wise for Michigan, with this money flow and improved facilities improvement in player performance could be expected soon. 

Apart from the play that is played obviously on the college football field, there is so much going on in the background that reflects how the team plays on the field. We have quite comprehensively established the fact that facilities have a large role to play in the performance of the team. Not only the performance but the fact that talented players look for programs with high-end facilities. 

Facilities are the prized possessions of any program and those with excellent facilities have every right to brag about them.