18 Interesting Facts about Football

18 Interesting Facts about Football

Are you a passionate fan of American football? Whether you just started learning the sport or are an old pro, we’ve got something interesting to share.

1. Since 2015, the National Football League (NFL) has been home to its very first full-time official: Sarah Thomas! This woman trailblazer is far from alone as Shannon Easton was also an NFL professional – though not in a permanent capacity.

2. Indeed, it’s no surprise that this iconic sport evolved out of English sports like soccer and rugby before becoming immensely popular throughout US colleges by the end of 19th century.

3. With Super Bowl XLIX garnering 114 million viewers for what continues to be America’s most watched TV broadcast event.

4. Walter Payton and David Patton created history when they achieved the remarkable feat of catching, rushing, and throwing a touchdown against one opponent in the same match.

5. Sadly though, more than two-thirds of NFL players fall into bankruptcy within only two years after their playing days are over.

6. In 1958 there was an unexpected interruption to a championship game – this distraction turned out be intentional by an NBC employee trying buy time for his network fix a technical issue!

7. Amongst some distinguished names from NFL’s past is Byron White; he had quite impressive accomplishments throughout his career – becoming member College Football Hall Fame as well being Rhodes Scholar whilst also serving war hero later Justice Supreme Court judge makes him amongst most decorated footballer ever played.

8. Since 1922, the Chicago Bears have retained their name and geographic location – making them the only team to do so within the NFL.

9. While professional football experienced a rocky start in 1920 as part of American Professional Football Association (APFA), it now generates annual revenues near $9 billion with an estimated profit of approximately one billion dollars after subtracting operational costs such as player wages and stadium upkeep.

10. In 1934, further changes were made when management sought out to promote quarterback passing by introducing modified ball shapes that are skinnier and longer than predecessor models.

11. American Football has evolved since its inception in 1906, when the forward pass was legalized due to changes implemented by college football coaches.

12. The Pittsburgh Steelers have achieved the greatest success of any NFL franchise with their record-setting Super Bowl victories. 

13. Conversely, Denver Broncos hold an unfortunate distinction as having suffered more championship losses than any other team.

14. Since 1941 Wilson has been providing official equipment for professional games – today they make thousands of regulation balls each day!

15. Cheerleaders often offer impressive displays at halftime and during timeouts – however such glamour comes at a cost: many are compensated only modestly (around $100 per game) whilst also spending considerable sums on clothing and cosmetic products required for appearances.

16. Don Shula is renowned as one of football’s greatest coaches and record holders, having achieved 328 victories through his tenures with the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins.

17. Fact about material used for crafting a football – cow skin

18. Little known fact: before 1943 it wasn’t required that players wear helmets but such safety measures became a must after President Roosevelt voiced concerns on banning the sport due to its danger levels.