Football Coaching Mistake

5 Most Common Mistakes Private Football Coach Make

Whether you have just started coaching or you are a seasoned football coach, you will agree that every coach is forever a student to the sport. Experienced football coaches are well aware of the fact that in order to improve their players, they need to continuously learn new coaching techniques and processes. It’s an ongoing process, even for highly accomplished football coaches. However, several coaches, when working as private football coaches or team coaches, make some common mistakes that either take the fun out of the game or keep their players from realizing their full potential. Here in this post, we will discuss five such mistakes:

Football Coaching Mistake #1: Keep Training till You Puke

Working hard is important for making the necessary training adaptations. But working too hard, say, to the point of athletes puking mid-session, can actually be dangerous.

It is practically impossible to continue training at the grueling intensity in the long term. Also, when you as a team or personal football coach demand that players maintain very high power output over a long duration of time without sufficient recovery between rep sets, you will almost certainly see players’ performance go down.

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‘Training till you puke’ also sends the wrong message to young players; they may start developing stereotypes that “tough athletes don’t need rest.” In football, a player’s ability to recover is critical for long-term success. He needs to recover between the plays as well as weekly games.

Football Coaching Mistake #2: Train to Get Fast and Strong – Every Day

Not just personal football coaches and high-school football coaches, experienced college team coaches also tend to make this mistake. They want athletes to focus on all important highlights such as strength, stamina, speed, etc. in each training session.

Coaches should focus on just one training adaptation in a single training session.

Football Coaching Mistake #3: Spending More Time per Play at Practice

Several youth football coaches spend four to five minutes talking to the players after each play. Yes, the players are on the field to learn but a team coach or a private football coach should avoid stopping the play too often. Young players are unable to have fun or sufficient exercise if you are taking more than 30 seconds per play during daily football practice sessions.

As a youth football trainer, when you think you must point out your players’ technical mistakes or teach them the right form, you should do it in 20-30 seconds. It will help keep the players engaged and also give you more time to practice the sport.

Football Coaching Mistake #4: Not Focusing on the Basics First

As an experienced football coach, you must have 100s of different skills and plays that you want to teach to young football players. But you find that most of the players are having a hard time mastering tackling and catching.  Often, it happens because football coaches dive into complicated plays and skills too early.

Basics First

A youth football coach should first focus on teaching kids the fundamentals of the sport such as catching, tackling and blocking. Yes, it sounds pretty straightforward but if your players do not learn these fundamentals, they will struggle with more advanced plays and skills as they grow older.

Football Coaching Mistake #5: Assuming You Know It All

No matter how great a personal football coach you are, there will always be a few things that you don’t know. Also, rules and regulations concerning the sport keep evolving.

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Therefore, a private football coach should keep learning more about the sport. For instance, you can participate in football coaching workshops, seminars, etc. or take an online course.