9 Best Quarterback Drills to enhance the accuracy

9 Best Quarterback Drills to enhance the accuracy

There are a wide array of aspects that determine the quarterback’s drills accuracy during a game of football. However, the inescapable truth regarding quarterbacks is that skills should be improved concerning accuracy. There is a major problem that can mess up with the accuracy, which is the throw’s pressure. If a quarterback gets enough time and room to make the throw, then the pass will be quite accurate

Moreover, there are several distinctive drills that quarterbacks drills can practice if you seek to improve accuracy. Moreover, working on these aspects will enhance your gameplay and empower you to be accurate in the field. Before, moving forward, the most important thing you need to note is that Quarterbacks are always on the offense. Quarterbacks’ influence on the field can be noted from the commanding of the huddle. Learning a vast number of skill sets and performing different duties makes quarterback important. Let’s dive into discovering the greatest Quarterback football drills in 2021.

  1. Two Knees Warm-up Drill

The quarterback drill has been curated specifically to warm up arms of quarterbacks. It also teaches them to put their focus and concentration on throwing the ball and releasing it. In this drill, two quarterbacks are involved who have to kneel on both of their knees, 10 yards apart from each other.

Here, the receiving quarterback will have to hold his hand upright to throw the quarterback with a target. Two quarterbacks will be engaged in throwing the ball back & forth for a specific amount of time. The drill ensures that the quarterbacks have to put their concentration and accuracy forward. Speed is not the main concern here; rather, the drill’s entirety is to focus on throwing off the ball like a bullet.

  1. Shotgun Snap Drill

Controlling the whole of the game’s tempo is possible with a no-huddle offense. The drill is important to keep the defense on their foot. Landing a successful shotgun snap drill would require quarterbacks to handle the snap at any point and react according to the situation. The shotgun snap is great for quarterbacks who are training to ace receiving the ball even before the play takes place. The training drill is quite basic for all quarterbacks in the game of gridiron.

  1. One Knee Drill with wrist motion & arm strength

There are certain striking similarities between the one knee and two knees drill. The similarity lies in two quarterbacks who face off with around ten yards away from each other. In this drill, the quarterback is supposed to kneel with only one knee and their throwing side of the arm. By the looks of it, and for more information on different types of drills you can visit us on our other BLOGS this is where the one drill and two drills are different.

Quarterbacks would have to focus on their arm in contrast to the throw solely. The real challenge for any quarterback is to keep the rest of their body completely still before the throwing even begins. The skillset aids in building strength right into the arm.

  1. Windows Drill: Target Practice

When a quarterback drill drops off to make a pass in gridiron, it is not for sure that all the other receivers would be completely open. There are always the moments when quarterbacks would require a thread in the needle for completing a pass successfully in football. It is always important for quarterbacks to read the defenders as they are a genuine pain in football.

Remember, reading receivers is always easy. Moreover, quarterbacks could have the edge by adding drills to their daily training. By learning to set up the offensive football drill, quarterbacks can build a robust percentage for completion.

  1. Drill for Agility: The Circle Toss

Among all the drills mentioned here for quarterbacks, this is one of the simple drills you could perform. The best part is that the drill requires only a couple of people to perform. Circle Toss requires one quarterback to stay completely still, whereas the other person will have to run around them in a circle while keeping an ideal radius distance between them.

The quarterback who will be in charge of running will also be the only person who will be throwing the ball whereas the person who will be standing in the center has to catch the ball and then throw it back. After the quarterback throws back the ball while he runs the circle, they can stop and at the same time change directions as they please. The quarterback can then do it all over again after acquiring the ball. The most important part of the drill is to catch the ball and redo the steps all over again. The idea is to keep switching up the directions alongside positions with other players.

  1. H-O-R-S-E: Target Practice for Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks do not always need to have a one-track-mind drill of the game. There should always be a certain type of excitement and fun that quarterbacks can put into motion while training themselves. Now and then, quarterbacks do need to work on throwing and accuracy amidst participating in enriching competition.

Even teammates are required to understand the strength and weakness of their entire team. Learning both ins and outs of how drills are performed such as H-O-R-S-E would delimitate horseplay for the quarterback’s next practice.

  1. Throwing and Conditioning: The Line Drill

Like many others, these drills also require the pairing of two players. Both quarterbacks are needed to run the whole field length. By the looks of it, the quarterbacks will have to run at a persistent speed covering the length of the field with the other half of the pair keeping up at a similar pace. When both quarterbacks are constantly running, they will have to catch up with their partners. As both the partners will be moving, they would also be needed to adjust to the target to ensure that the target is placed at the correct spot

Moreover, releasing the ball quickly between the players would ensure a successful throw before they reach the end of the field. Running at 10 yards apart, quarterbacks will showcase a great feat.

  1. Making the snap

If a snap is mishandled even slightly, it could lead to a lot of trouble. The quarterback’s job is to take the responsibility of handling the ball even before they make a run. As an effective quarterback drill, it is important to fine-tune all mechanics moments before the following occurs.

Equipping the right and precise footwork is more than important while preparing for passes. The drill also ensures boosting the footwork moments after a snap occurs.

  1. Scan and adapting to find an open receiver drill

Quarterbacks are also tasked to scan the entire field before they pass the ball. Given that the drill is the simplest one on the list, it is also the most important. The drills empower quarterbacks to make smart and calculative decisions that further lead to the precise pass. Additionally, ultimate passes would further lead towards much more completions

The drill is more of a collective effort coming from 10 to 15% of players who have to act as receivers. Here, the receivers might also range to the far end of the field. From one sideline to another, the distance could be anywhere. Quarterbacks will then have to face receivers, whereas coaches will be standing right behind the quarterback with the ball. It is then that the coach will have to notify the quarterback to start simulating the much-awaited snap. During the training session, the coach will also have to teach one of the receivers to act as a target throughout the gameplay. As quarterbacks, you’ll have to scan the field and find the receiver’s hand, which is raised, and then throw the ball. The receiver could be at utmost 30 yards away from the goal.

These quarterback drills would not only enhance the on-field training for game day success. Rather, picking and choosing these pro tips could help any quarterback formulate news strategies to crack the huddle.