10 Best High School Football Coaches & Trainers in Houston, TX

10 Best High School Football Coaches & Trainers in Houston, TX

Football is an exciting sport played around the world with a lot of noise. There is no one who doesn’t know about this game because football has been winning the love of people for a long time. It is the game of football that has given us some famous names which are now renowned all over the world.

Not every international football player, whether it is Drew Brees, Khalil Mack, Pat Mahomes, Todd Gurley, Tom Brady, or Antonio Brown or Aaron Rodgers, was the master of football since their childhood. Indeed, the role of their good high school football coaches in polishing them all helped them to move forward.

So, if you also dream of becoming a famous football player, then it is essential that you decide the best coach for you. For this, you can also take the help of athlete connect app where you will be able to find the best high school football coach for you. So here we have brought the list of top 10 best football coaches in Houston, TX, who are professional coaches and will enhance your skills.

Top 10 High School Football Trainers in Houston, TX

1.     Brian Michalowski

Brian Michalowski

If you want to learn special defensive techniques of football, then Michalowski, 29, is the best coach for you. Michalowski was born in Morristown N.J. on June 10, 1989, and passed his graduation at Scottsdale, Ariz from Notre Dame Prep.

For two years (2016-17), at the University of Memphis, Brian also worked as a graduate assistant for the defence where he coached in outside linebacker position.

Michalowski has also spent the season overseas coaching as the defensive coordinator in the 16-team German Football League (GFL) for the Cologne Falcons.

So overall, he specializes in his defensive football strategy and his broaden experience is enough that describes him a lot.

Special Highlights:

Coaching experience: 10 plus years of coaching experience

Provides coaching: Specially provides training to college students

Expert in

Defensive control and quality

2.      Andrew Beaver

Andrew Beaver is the first choice of most of the colleges and high schools not only in Houston but in some other locations too. He is widely renowned in the list of most famous football coaches in America and helps other students to enhance their skills in football.

Besides, he has been Two-Time (CIFL and UIFL) Arena Football Champion for Saginaw Sting. He’s also a leading receiver in Yards and Touchdowns both Championship seasons for Saginaw Sting.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience-3 years
  • Age groups-Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Wide Receiver, Tight End
  • Footwork, Cutting, Hand Placement, Route Running, Catching, Blocking

3.      Rob Mendez.

Robert M. coaching is entirely based on the principles that he has learned as a collegiate and professional player. He loves to work with athletes of all ages and levels.

There are numerous age groups students that come to him that belong to Jr. Longline and the younger group. Plus, he also provides American football training to high School students, and is one of the top high school football coaches.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience- 6 years
  • Provides training to age groups- Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Defensive Line, Offensive Line
  • Specialties include – Tackling, Blocking, Footwork, Hand Placement, stance, ball get-off, footwork, hand and eye coordination, reading and reacting to movement, conditioning, block reaction and pass rush fundamentals

4.      Troylon Griffin

Troylon Griffin has been training athletes and many children since 2007. Besides, he has provided training to little league, high school, and middle school and also can work with students of all age groups.

He has been in the 1992 State Finalist team and has played football and ran track at Jack Yates Senior High. But later, he decided to help athletes who don’t get a scholarship to be able to compete and try out for the team.

Special highlights

  • Coaching experience: 8years
  • Age groups: Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Defensive Line, Defensive Back, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Quarterback, Tight End, Running Back, Wide Receiver
  • Specialties- Footwork, Blocking, Jamming, Catching, Cutting, Kicking, Punting, Pass Defense, Hand Placement, Route Running, Tackling, Special Teams, Throwing.

5.      Desmond M.

Desmond M. has been providing coaching to students in football at various age levels with his 15 years of experience. He has done most of the work with high school and middle school players.

Besides, he is First Aid/CPR certified and Heads Up Certified plus also worked as a Defensive Coordinator with Cypress Tigers Youth Football at various levels (Cypress, TX). He often provides personal training, and also he is a qualified, private, most successful football coach and passed essential coach courses.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience: 17 years
  • Training to Age groups- Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions-Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Tight End, Running Back, Defensive Back, Linebacker.
  • Specialties- Route Running, Special Teams, Hand Placement, Tackling, Pass Defense, Footwork, Cutting, Jamming, Catching, Blocking.

6.      Robert B.

Well qualified and best coach of football– Robert B. has trained athletes in numerous phases. At present, he has owned his athletic training centers that spotlight on sports performance and martial arts as well.

He’s the best coach for children and teens since he provides high school training and even he’s the best college football coach of all time.

He has learned the techniques and latest research through his formal education of a Bachelors’s degree in Neuroscience and a Masters’s degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance that he puts into training.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience- 6 years
  • Age groups-Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Defensive Line, Offensive Line
  • Specialties- Blocking, Tackling, Pass Defense, Cutting, Hand Placement, Footwork

7.      Kamal W.

With over ten years of experience, Kamal W. provides an extreme level of training to students ranging from junior little league sports to athletes of high school. At present, he’s working as a basketball junior high school football coach and comes in the great football coaches list.

Also, he provides private training to students of ages 11-15 years old to both boys and girls as well. Kamal W. teams have earned championships that held between seven districts in Houston. So you can say that he is one of the best football trainers in Houston.

He is both CPR and first aid certified. Furthermore, only upon request, adult personal training and small group sessions are also available.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience-10 years
  • Age groups- Teenagers, Kids, and Adults

Expert in

  • Positions- Kicker, Running Back, Punter, Wide Receiver, Quarterback, Tight End, Defensive Line, Defensive Back, Offensive Line, Linebacker
  • Specialties- Catching, Cutting, Punting, Blocking, Jamming, Hand Placement, Kicking, Special Teams, Throwing, Tackling, Route Running, Footwork and Pass Defense

8.      Christopher Taylor

Are you eager to build your inner athlete and take the game to an extreme level? Christopher Taylor provides football training to all kinds of age groups kids ranging from elementary school to college kids.

Taylor mainly focuses on 7th grade to 12th-grade students. Whereas at present, he’s currently working with athletes in I9, AAYFL, SCFL, junior high, high school, college, and Pop Warner football leagues.

Special highlights

  • Ages- Adults, Kids
  • Experience- 6years

Expert in

  • Running Back, Quarterback, Wide Receiver
  • Hand Placement, Footwork, Throwing, Catching, Route Running, Blocking

9.      Trey Payne

Trey Payne helps in the best youth football drills through his coaching to improve the mounting talent of youth and also those players who have a craze for their choice of sport.

Trey Payne has trained athletes over an array of diverse sports and skill levels that consist of baseball, football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and power-lifting.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience- 10 years
  • Age groups- Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback
  • Specialties- Throwing, Route Running, Footwork, Cutting, Catching

10.  Benjamin Moran

Benjamin Moran has remained a Wide Receivers best football coach ever at Austin College for the 2017-2018 seasons and also coached multiple one day and youth camps as Intern at the University of North Carolina. Besides, he has also played Tight End / H back for Austin College (D3-TX).

Additionally, he has also played football and baseball at Tomball Memorial High School with multiple years of experience as an academic all-conference member for the SCAC.

Special highlights

  • Coaching Experience- 2 years
  • Provides training to age groups- Adults, Kids, Teenagers

Expert in

  • Positions- Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver
  • Specialties- Route Running, Footwork, Catching, Cutting