DraftKings Review

DraftKings is a leading provider of daily fantasy sports, online casinos, and sports betting services in the United States. The enterprise situated in Boston garnered a substantial customer following due to its status as one of the top two Daily Fantasy Sports platforms in the United States. 

DraftKings entered the sports betting market in 2018 and subsequently expanded its operations to include online casino gambling, leveraging its recognition as a prominent entity in the realm of daily fantasy sports. DraftKings Sportsbook has emerged as a prominent player in the industry, with mobile sports betting licenses in over a dozen states and availability of online casino games in Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

DraftKings offers promotional incentives of up to $2,050 to newly registered customers. Please proceed with reading the comprehensive evaluation of DraftKings Sportsbook’s sports wagering, daily fantasy sports, and virtual casino services, along with a concise overview of its promotional incentives. You will learn about draftkings promo, bonuses and sports you can bet on, get information about draftkings app and other useful information.

The fundamental characteristics of DraftKings 

DraftKings offers a comprehensive online sportsbook that allows users to place real money wagers on sporting events both prior to and during games. Additional functionalities that have demonstrated efficacy on alternative sports wagering platforms are presently being incorporated.

Online betting

The online sports betting option that garners the most popularity is live betting, which is offered by DraftKings through a commendable live betting area. Individuals have the ability to peruse markets pertaining to current games and promptly obtain the latest odds. Furthermore, DraftKings frequently provides an extensive array of proposition bets for significant live sporting occasions.

Live streaming

DraftKings has endeavored to provide its fans with access to live streaming of athletic events within its fantasy domain for a prolonged period. The sportsbook has recently introduced live streaming services for several international leagues. At present, the broadcasting function on the website is in its nascent phase, with only a limited number of venues having granted consent for its operation.

Daily Fantasy

DraftKings’ dominant position in DFS competitions is evident from the prominent placement of its “Daily Fantasy” section on the operator’s website. Individuals are presented with a diverse range of conventional athletic and electronic sports contests to opt for. There exists a wide range of entry fees, spanning from $1 to upwards of $5,000, thereby catering to the diverse interests of potential gamblers.

Player-centric betting

Users are granted access to “player pages” that exhibit all player prop markets available for an individual player. The website has expanded its offerings to include NBA, MLB, and NHL, and is easily accessible for both head-to-head wagers and same-game parlays.

Early cash out

The service offered by DraftKings has been extended to multiple markets, thereby increasing its accessibility to sports bettors. It is possible for users to resolve wagers prematurely during the betting phase, prior to the natural conclusion of matches. The implementation of this technique can significantly enhance the likelihood of achieving success or mitigating the possibility of failure.


The DraftKings Casino provides a remarkable assortment of games from renowned manufacturers. The feature can be accessed through a single account and is exclusively available to players residing in regions where online casino gaming is legally authorized. In addition to live dealer options and exclusive DraftKings games, the casino lobby boasts a vast array of popular slot machines.

Single-game bets are specifically offered in the states of CT, MI, NJ, PA, and WV.

Same-game parlays

DraftKings offers a selection of same-game parlays across multiple sports, such as baseball and football, that are widely favored by the public. Locate a game that displays a “+SGP” icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, and subsequently select the “Same Game Parlay” option to explore the available wagering alternatives. Subsequently, the user has the ability to devise their parlays and incorporate them into their betting slips.

DraftKings Bonuses & Promos

DraftKings provides a highly competitive introductory package for new players within the industry. Draftkings has increased their casino offer to a 100% match up to $2,000, which surpasses the offers provided by other casinos such as Caesars and BetMGM, who offer a maximum of $1,000. Despite the relatively high 15x playthrough requirement imposed by online casinos in Pennsylvania, it remains a more favorable condition compared to the 35x and 40x requirements implemented by their competitors. The deposit match is a prevalent form of online casino bonus, with the exception of the Millionaire Legends Series leaderboards that offer substantial monetary rewards and lavish accolades. Draftkings’ sportsbook offering is comparatively less munificent. However, the provision of a 20% boost up to $1,000 endows greater autonomy than the frequently restricted complimentary wagers proffered by other online platforms. The Fantasy Basketball World Championship represents a prominent season-long competition accessible through Draftkings Daily Fantasy Sports platform, offering a maximum reward of $5 million to the winner.

Other DraftKings Sportsbook Promotions

DraftKings’ proficiency in sports betting promotions is noteworthy, leading some to refer to the company as PromoKings. The website offers a variety of daily promotions and customized promotions based on the loyalty tier of the bettor.

 There are various examples that can be cited: 

Place a wager of one dollar with the potential to receive a payout of one hundred dollars

This alternative welcome bonus is designed to cater to low rollers. In the event that a bet of at least $1 is successful, the individual placing the bet will receive four $25 tickets as a bonus, totaling $100 in value. The established winning conditions are designed in such a way as to minimize the possibility of loss for the participants engaged in gambling activities. Individuals have the option to place a wager of one dollar on the occurrence of a single strike by a UFC combatant.

Bet + Get

By selecting a specific format, it is possible to place a wager and receive additional bets as a bonus, based on the number of games wagered upon during the week.

Odds Boosts

DraftKings offers a maximum of twelve odds enhancements on a daily basis. Occasionally, there exists inherent worth to be unearthed despite the typically modest increments and frequent reliance on obscure wagers.


DraftKings has previously offered insurance to its customers, whereby bets that were successful on all legs of a parlay except for one resulted in a bonus bet return.

Free to Play Pools

The concept of free-to-play pools is a popular phenomenon in the gaming industry. The pools under consideration allow individuals to participate without incurring any monetary cost. Those who perform exceptionally well and secure top positions on the leaderboards are granted incentives.

VIP promos

Bettors who have achieved the Silver Dynasty level or higher are qualified for various incentives such as deposit bonuses, loss-back offers, crown multipliers, and other VIP promotions.

Super Bowl Promos

DraftKings consistently offers the most significant Super Bowl promotions in the industry, featuring million-dollar prizes and favorable odds enhancements as standard offerings. The premium DraftKings Super Bowl promotions offer significant value to all consumers.

March Madness Offers

DraftKings frequently offers a variety of March Madness promotions that may prove to be innovative or advantageous. Historical instances consist of welcome bonuses that required a $5 bet to receive a $200 reward, assurances of doubling one’s wagered amount if they placed bets on the favored team in unevenly matched games, and cost-free prize pools that offered substantial payouts.

Loyalty Program

Given that the VIP program at DraftKings is exclusive to invited players, significant dedication is required from participants seeking personalized support, enhanced promotional opportunities, and distinctive contests. Are you presently a VIP member at an operational internet-based casino? It is possible to write them for an immediate status without any concerns. Apart from the VIP program, this website offers a loyalty program that enables patrons to amass “crowns” for each pre-established sum gambled. One notable advantage is that the accrued points retain their value indefinitely, and the scheme is transferable across all three verticals, namely fantasy sports, sportsbook, and casino. Utilizing one’s casino points is a viable option for placing bets on the NFL $888k Wildcat fantasy competition. The bonus offered entails a playthrough requirement of 1x, which can be perceived as vexing rather than stimulating, however, it has become a prevalent practice within the industry.

Mobile App

Upon conducting an analysis of the Draftkings casino and its associated applications, it can be inferred that the organization has implemented a greater number of measures relative to other online casinos, with the aim of catering to the mobile market. There are four separate applications that cater to four distinct verticals. The sports betting application is noteworthy due to its provision of an identical menu to that of the desktop version and its facilitation of expeditious wagering through minimal touch interactions. The responsiveness of the application was observed to be consistent across both iOS and Android operating systems. DraftKings Sportsbook distinguishes itself from other bookmakers by providing the option to stream games.

Once more, it has been determined that the software utilized on both the casino and fantasy platforms exhibited no discernible lag or errors. The data indicates that all four of these applications have received high ratings of 4.7 or above in the App Store.

Draftkings is considered to be a top-tier online poker platform in Pennsylvania due to its extensive collection of over 20 distinct poker variations.

Available deposit and withdrawal methods

There is a limited number of deposit options available, similar to other authorized gaming websites in Pennsylvania. The website offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, totaling nine, which include internet banking, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and the Hollywood Casino at the Penn National Race Course in Pennsylvania, ensuring a secure transaction process. The casino’s withdrawal policy of “within 5 business days” is comparatively tardy in comparison to other establishments, which is a point of dissatisfaction for us. With that being said, it is appropriate to designate it as the industry standard in Pennsylvania. It is important for individuals who participate in daily fantasy sports to be cognizant of the fact that the standard operating procedure for the industry is to ensure that all funds contributed are safeguarded by means of withdrawing them to the initial payment mechanism. Stated differently, in the event of a $100 gain from a $25 withdrawal, $25 will be refunded to the original deposit source, while the remaining $75 can be withdrawn through alternative means. Nonetheless, the casino and sportsbook offerings at DraftKings do not align with this assertion.


DraftKings’ business operations are subject to regulation and oversight by multiple state agencies. Access to the sportsbook operator is restricted to residents of the U.S. states that have granted licenses to the operator, numbering over a dozen. The DraftKings website employs contemporary 256-bit encryption to furnish optimal internet security.


DraftKings is widely recognized as a leading platform within the sports betting industry for valid reasons. The sportsbook offers an exceptional selection to its clientele, rather than relying solely on its reputation and success in the daily fantasy sports industry. The entity responsible for the management of DraftKings is a well-regarded corporation, and the online platform is deemed secure. Prior to placing any bets, users are obligated to verify their location and identity, and all withdrawals are consistently handled in a timely manner. Furthermore, DraftKings acknowledged accountability for the issue of pathological gambling. The recently introduced State Council Funding Program provides financial assistance of $15,000 annually for a period of three years to state councils across the nation. All transactions are conducted through a singular account. DraftKings users have the opportunity to engage in daily fantasy sports, place bets on live sporting events, and access online casino games for monetary gain in eligible regions. The feasibility of this is made possible by the utilization of a consistent account balance.