Best Quarterback Workout Guide for Football Players

Best Quarterback Workout Guide for Football Players

Football is the game of quarterback position, or you can say that without a strong quarterback player, the team cannot win. So, you can well imagine how essential the position of quarterback play is. The players of quarterback can be of all sizes and shapes like, they can be with strong arms and 6-foot-4 who can easily stand in front of the defender.

On the other hand, they can be shorter and of slimmer frames who always maintain peak physical condition with the help of proper workout. So, overall it is not wrong to say that there may be no other crucial position than the quarterback position.

Also if you are looking to find that “Can a quarterback improve arm strength”, then the answer would be definitely yes.

In the history of American football till now, numerous quarterback players have made themselves famous while playing on the position of quarterback. Some of the examples are Tom Brady, Seattle Seahawks, Aaron Rodger, etc.

Now the question arises if the aspiring individual wants to play or to become expert on the quarterback position, how can they boost up their strength to be the future Aaron Rodgers? And the answer to this question is improving bicep curls so that your throws will become incredible.

One can also practice throws with the help of an experienced coach, which you can find through athlete connect app, along with practicing some exercises.

So, through this post, you will come to know about the best quarterback core workouts for the position.

  1. Single-arm Dumbbell Press
Single-arm dumbbell press

The main motive of this exercise is to engage the core while keeping the body balanced. Because there are chances when the player has to throw only with one arm. How you have to do it: –

Just take a flat bench and lie down on it having a dumbbell in one hand. Now, the player has to lower down the weight towards the chest and then fire it backward. Ensure that while doing this exercise, your back must be tight and the shoulder blades together so that the distance between the shoulder and ear gets widen.

Finally, if you feel that this in your core on the opposite side of the working, it means you are on the right path.

This exercise can be a part of your quarterback offseason workout program.

  1. Shoulder Press Workout

It is also called overhead or military exercise. The position of quarterback needs a strong shoulder, and this drill is best to bulk up and tone the shoulders. And on the other hand, this quarterback drill to do alone also works on traps and triceps.

However, for doing this exercise, you can use barbells, dumbbells, and body weight can be used.

Now, stand with your feet wider than your shoulders in a tight position. While lifting the barbell, exhale and then lift it above your head.

Thus, lock your shoulders for some time and then inhale as you are bringing the weight to the starting position.

  1. Lunge Rotational Twist Workout

This best exercise for the quarterback position improves the motion of throwing, making legs strong in a split stance position. And also keeps the shoulder stability while developing rotational torso strength or flexibility.

Now take the lunge position and make the forward shin perpendicular towards the floor. On the other hand, back shin must be parallel to the floor. While staying in that position, take two lightweight dumbbells not more than eight pounds each. Next, bend your elbows at 90 degrees angle and slowly rotate the torso at 90 degrees to both the sides that is left and right.

In this, you have to keep your head still while looking ahead.

  1. Bicep Curls Workout

Bicep curls are called the staple of the arm circuit as they are compound fit. This means this exercise works on all areas of bicep muscles. It is also known as straight bar curls, dumbbells curls, kettlebell curls, barbell curls. However, while doing this workout, biceps are the muscles that are mainly used along with shoulders and triceps.

How you can do it: –

First face towards dumbbells, kettlebells and then slowly raise the weight while inhaling and rotating the forehead towards the body. When the weight reaches its position, exhale and lower down the pressure gradually at the starting position.

It is one of the best Quarterback drills to improve arm strength.

  1. Back Y raises

This exercise keeps the back and the shoulder stable avoiding the problem of wear and tear; that is the major problem during the Football season.

Now, on the incline bench, lie yourself down and align the midline of the chest at the top of the bench. This you have to do keeping lightweight dumbbells in each hand. Now raise the weight to form Y shape with the help of the body.

Ensure that you have to keep your back arched and chest lifted off the bench. However, you have to raise the weight keeping freeze at the top, and after that, lower down the weight.

  1. Dumbbells Rows Exercise

This dumbbells rows or one-arm dumbbells rows is a very prominent exercise for getting V-shape in the back. It is also known as lawnmowers. However, if you are a quarterback player, then it will make your waistline look slim.

How you have to do it: –

First, take one dumbbell and hold it in one hand, keeping another hand on the bench. Now, bend yourself on the bench while supporting another leg adjacent to the ground. This you have to do while keeping back straight and parallel to the bench.

After that, you have to exhale the dumbbell towards your torso at the point where the torso twisting point is there so that weight will go high. After completing this, inhale and come to the starting position.

  1. Sprint Out Exercise

With the help of this quarterback throwing exercise, the quarterback player can improve the power, accuracy, and mechanics of the throw while doing sprint out pass. While staring at this exercise, you have to make a quarterback line up in the pre-snap stance and then process further with the snap count.

Now, you have to continue the snap as you are playing the real game, and after that, sprint out passes to the right side.

Ensure that you should imagine your partner as the target and throw it to him after reaching the launching point.

Repeat this exercise keeping in mind to sprint the pass from right to left.

  1. The Circle Toss Exercise

This exercise is very straightforward to perform that only requires two people. One person has to stand still and the other quarterback player will run around in a circle. Ensure that the radius between you and the still person is quite right.

The player who is running has to offer throw to the player who is standing still and then back again. This will improve the agility of the quarterback player which is a must.

One of the best examples of quarterback players is Tom Brady who is the elite player of American football. To perform best and up to the optimum level, he always maps everything starting from treatment, workouts, food, recovery, and most essentially rest.

These are the various workout exercises that will make the quarterback player skills elevated to new heights. So, if you are looking to the answer to “how to increase throwing distance in football”, these workouts might prove to be the best for you. But ensure that you customize every workout according to your requirement and the whole focus must be on quality, not on quantity, to get the best out of rest.