American Football Positions & Their Roles | Pro Tips by the Best Football Coach

American Football Positions & Their Roles | Pro Tips by the Best Football Coach

Understanding all of the football positions on offense and defense guard is one of the more troublesome activities for the new football fans. With such a good number of players on the field and comparably dressed, it’s muddled.

By understanding American football positions on the field, you start to increase a superior comprehension of the game itself. This incorporates the techniques and strategies groups utilize to pick up points of interest. There are various football positions and also have some specific roles. Quarterback is one of the vital areas in football.

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American football is undoubtedly the winner among the other sports in the US. Perhaps that is why most people believe that they know all about football. But it is not true at all. Some essential questions are there like, what is a quarterback? What are the 11 positions in the game? What exactly linebacker do? Football positions numbers? So, these are some reasonable questions that need to be answered.

So, let’s find out the all vital positions in football field, American football positions abbreviations and also try to discuss the roles and responsibilities of different players who play in the crucial areas-

  • Offensive American Football Positions

This specific portion of the game will help you as a football game lover to understand the score insights and about the primary roles of players. So, there are a total of 11 players who play on the offense section at the same time. The offense part contains some crucial positions-

1) Quarterback (QB) – Quarterback player plays as a field general. He is the player who initiates the game, calls a play, and effectively handles the snap. He needs to develop high accuracy and power to throw the ball to the other player. He either throws the ball towards running back player or hands the ball to the receiver. And he can also run with the ball if the situation of the game demands him to do.

2) Running Back (RB) – The player of running back is also popularly known as the halfback player. In short, we can say this player does all the hard work. Chasing through beside behind the quarterback, he catches, he runs, will block, and even he throws the pass at the same according to the situation. In a nutshell, we can say that this is the most important American football position, which provides a great balance to the team and also a quick runner on the field.

3) Fullback (FB) – These players have exceptional strengths and running quality that makes them a step ahead from the other players. We can say fullback players are similar to running back players. However, in the modern game, they have the main task of playing as a lead blocker.

4) Offensive Line: – Yet another very crucial American football position in the game, a total of five offensive linemen plays and with their different responsibilities. In chronological order of left to right, we can distinguish them like left tackle, left guard, center player, right guard, and right tackle. They have the responsibilities of pass block and block to give some extra time to the quarterback play to throw the ball or latter one for the fullback and running back players.

The role of offensive linemen in American football is suitable for the strongest and biggest players of the team, and because of their extreme contact role, they use football lineman gloves for protection.

5) Wide Receivers (WR) – They are mostly called the pass catchers. Because at the starting of the game, they make themselves apart from the rest group or formation and run near the scrimmage line. The scrimmage is an imaginary line that continues at the side angle of the ball placing point. They run to get the pass from the quarterback play. Typically, they take a various handoff and throw blocks. And those wide receivers who run at the full receiving position usually have high speeds and fantastic hand-eye coordination. On the other hand, they wear gloves to have a better grip on a ball, and the grip becomes essential at the time of big plays.

6) Tight End (TE) – This player plays dynamically between offensive lineman and a receiver. Frequently, the tight end player plays just next to the right tackle or left tackle, and he can do spilled out just like a player of wide receiver. He has some crucial responsibilities like blocking for the running back and quarterback players, and he can also catch passes and may run into the field. He catches like a receiver but also has the ability and strength to dominate on the line too.

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 2) Defensive American Football Positions 

Do you know what are the 11 defensive positions in football? If you don’t, then this portion will help you to enhance your knowledge. As similar to the offense, the defense part also has 11 players. Defensive players prevent or stop the offense from scoring through tackling players and causing turnovers. So, let’s check out different positions of opposing players and their responsibilities-

1) Defensive Line – The defensive line is the first and foremost line of defense. Here, according to the game and situation, three to four players stand opposite the offensive line players. Usually, an active and most prominent person of the team stands on the defensive lines. But the ultimate job is to stop the offensive line players from scoring the goal.

2) Linebacker (LB) – As the term or name itself is defining, the linebacker players back the defensive line position. Though it usually depends on the game plan and situation but typically, three to four players play at the linebacker position to back the defensive line. The players of outside linebacker play towards the side of Defensive end, and inside and middle linebacker players play just behind the defensive tackle. They have the main responsibility of shadowing RB’s players, tackling the ball carrier.

3) Cornerback (CB) – They are quickest players on the line of defense. The cornerback players mainly support or back the run and can be asked to engage the quarterback players. But they spend their most time while covering or managing the wide receivers. It simply means they break the passes, intercept passes in their way and tackle or handle players who catch passes.

4) Safety (S) – In the game of football, there are two safety positions. It can be categorized into two parts. The first one is strong safety, players who are responsible for covering up the RBs, TEs, WRs, running support. On the other hand, free safety players are responsible for similar kinds of work and also called the last line of defense. They are also considered as center fielders.


So, the Special team is the last but not least. During the game, some specialist players come to the field for their exceptional work like Kick-offs, punts or goals-

1) Kicker (K) – Kicker is a player who has the accuracy and strong-legged ability to score the goal from any problematic position or situation of the game. They are mainly responsible for field goals and kickoffs.

2) Punter (P) – They are also strong-legged players with high accuracy. They have the responsibility to kick the ball when offense fails to get the shot.

3) Return Specialists- There are two types of return specialist players that play on the field. The first one is a Kick returner, and the second is punt returner.

4) Long Snapper (LS) – The players of the long snapper start the game for the punter and kicker. They have the responsibility to snap the ball forward to the punter for a field goal or punt. They have quite different roles in comparison to the center roles because they need to kick or throw the ball as long as possible. After getting their work done, they act or play like the offensive players, who ward off others for blocking the punt or field goal.

Tips from the famous coaches for enhancing the game

Those who have already achieved something significant and continuing the great legacy of the game can easily guide us about enhancing the game and any betterment in the player. Some of the great players like Bill Belichick (New England Patriots), Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints), Doug Pederson (Philadelphia Eagles) are current or considered all-time greats in the coaching manual history. So, what they think and say about enhancing the game and your fitness on coaching tips for youth football

1) Practice- Certainly, Practice makes a man perfect. It doesn’t matter how professional you are and how great recodes you have on in your trove. Because every game is different and the situation too. So, do your practice hard and great. 

2) Fitness level- For a better and longer game career, you need to keep yourself fit and flexible. Football is a game that shows fitness errors more openly. So, maintain your fitness level high and great for better and productive play.  

3) Have an excellent diet plan- It doesn’t matter how hard you are doing the workout and intense exercises. If your diet plan is not good enough, then you will lose your fitness level and the needed strength of your body.  

4) Set small goals– For great career and high performance, try to set some short term goals and try to achieve them in a period. And last but not least, make sure that you will make yourself ward off from injuries.


Football is a game of indeed strength and technique. It requires excellent skills to be great at the game. So, these were the various field positions and their responsibilities. After reading this, you will get a quite sound knowledge about football for sure.