American Football Drills for Beginners to Reach Professional Level

American Football Drills for Beginners to Reach Professional Level

The football field is 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide and this is the circumference where a player has to showcase all the artistry he has added to his arsenal. Skills are extraordinarily hard to learn and even harder to master them, it takes years to master a skill but when you manage to master a skill it will make you outshine others at the playing field. 

This is exactly where the importance of American football drills for beginners can be realized because drills are designed in a way to keep you in touch with the skill and force you to perform better and better as the time advances. 

For beginners, football drills are set in a way to make them acclimatize to the requirements of the sport of American football. 

American Football Drills

Let’s start with the skill without making any further delay, here are the top football drills that can be resorted for beginners in the offensive line. 

Offensive Line Football Drills 

Ultimately it’s the offensive line that will bring you the points in a game and without an efficient and robust offensive line no team can excel. To develop skills required to be an explosive player of the offensive line. Making these drills a part of your routine for the beginners will give them an edge over others who have started in the later stages of their careers. 

  • Circle Drill:
  • The motive behind the drill: Achieving throwing accuracy while on the move. The player will develop better stamina over time. 
  • Set up: Place a cone on the ground and stand facing your partner on the opposite sides of the cone each 5 yards away. 
  • Procedure: The quarterback will throw the ball at his partner and run in a circle, at the same time maintaining a 10 yards cushion between them. They need to continue throwing passes at each other while running. Here is the illustrative video for you 
  • Barrel Drills:
  • Motive behind the drill: This drill is for the lineman to make him learn to fire out and drive low while maintaining control. Agility is at the prime focus as far as this drill is considered.
  • Set up: Place a barrel in front of the player and make him stand in a 3 point stance.
  • Procedure: The lineman will fit up the barrel without knocking it down. The player has to slide the barrel not to knock it off. Here is  
  • Hop and Switch:
    • Motive behind the drill: it works on the balancing speed explosion, and ball control of the player while he is switching hands.
    • Set up: take the football in your right hand and your left hand on the ground. 
    • Procedure: Jump off the ground and while in air try switching the ball from right to the left hand. Land on the left leg and repeat the same for 20 yards. 
  • Pocket Presence Drill:
  • Motive behind the drill: to improve the movement and footwork of the athlete while keeping the eyes downfield. 
  • Set up: You need to place 2 hula hoops 5 yards from the line of scrimmage that are 2 yards apart.
  • Procedure: Start at LOS having the ball in hand, then snap and take a 5 step drop, while passing in between the hula hoops. Then the player has to plant, then hitch up, before reaching back around to the center of the place you started. Once you are back, try attempting an accurate throw.
  • Gamewinner:
  • Motive behind the drill: learning how to set quickly and getting off the FG in a hurry-up situation.
  • Set up: You will need to have the entire offensive line on the field. 
  • Procedure: All the players other than the flanker (Z) receiver and the QB will stay on the field. The kicker and holder will run on the field with the ball in hand with the rest of the team ahead of them. 

Defensive Line Football Drills 

Defenders take the responsibility of neutralizing the outrageous offensive line of the opposite team on their shoulders. The following drills will make the defensive line to react more promptly and more accurately in the game situations. They will be more decisive while attempting a block or a tackle. Practicing these drills time and time again will make them understand the technicalities of the drill and they will be able to master the skills. 

  • Screen Reaction Drill:
  • Motive behind the drill: this drill is for the defensive lineman to make him learn how to react to and pursue the ball on a screen pass.
  • Set up: Make a 4 defensive lineman lay on their back. The QB will stand 5 yards behind the line having the ball, also there will be two receivers 5-7 yards downfield and 10-15 yards apart. 
  • Procedure: all the lineman will try to get up as quickly as possible and the quarterback will throw the ball towards one of the receivers. The lineman have to run towards them and the drill will end when they touch the ball. 
  • Block Recognition Drill:
  • Motive behind the drill: To make the defender learn the dynamics of the variety of blocks in the game. 
  • Set up: Make 3 offensive lineman stand in the stance and a defensive lineman in front of them.
  • Procedure: The coach will tell the offensive lineman about the type of block to perform, it can be dropped into the pass, zone block or combo. The defender must understand the block and defeat it in order to get in the backfield. 
  • Shed Block Drill:
  • Motive behind the drill: This drill is to make the player perfect in responding to blocks, pursuit, and tackling. It aims at increasing the power and speed while attempting a tackle.
  • Set up: Coach with a blocking shield, defensive players standing 5-7 yards from the coach and a dummy. 
  • Procedure: The defender will come one by one overcoming the coach and will make a strong tackle on the dummy. 
  • Open Field Tackling Drill:
  • Motive behind the drill: Made for working in the pursuit and tackling ability of the athletes. 
  • Set up: Place 4 cones 10 yards apart. Make the LB’s stand on one side of the ground while the RB’s on the other side with the ball in hand. 
  • Procedure: The first player in line will start running, once the RB is 5 yards down the ground the coach will tell the runner either to go right or left.The job of the LB is to close in and refrain the runner from crossing the cones.
  • 1 V 1 Pass Rush:
  • Motive behind the drill: The aim is to learn the dynamics of pass rush moves and how to finish the play in a real game. Going past the defender is the most sought after skill.
  • Set up: Five offensive linemen and five defensive lineman must take stance against each other. A dummy bag needs to be placed 5-7 yards behind the o-line. 
  • Procedure: All the 5 defensive players will take 2 steps forward and only one player as selected by the coach will continue moving forward. The defensive lineman has to beat his blocker, if he’s unable to do so within 4 seconds he will have to turn and chase downfield. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to American Football Drills 

  • For how long we should practice each drill?
    • For beginners it is vital to understand the fact that practicing the drill for a week or for a month is of no good. You should add the drill to your regular training pattern and should strictly abide to it. There is no specific time period for a drill just keep doing it, it will help you in your game. 
  • Do we need to hire a coach?
    • Hiring a coach is again a subjective question, but i will say that having a coach is like cherry on the cake. A coach will guide you the technical aspects of the drill and also will make you work to your limits. So hiring a coach is an added advantage.