Football Lessons for Beginners in 2020 to Become Successful

Football Lessons for Beginners in 2020 to Become Successful

Are you new to the football or you can say the beginner and looking for one on one football training near you?

Or you are playing Football for fun but, now you want to opt for this game as a career just because you are very passionate?

Or, as a beginner, you are looking forward to understanding the rules of this beautiful game to have an edge in the game?

No doubt, the newcomers to this sport face numerous problems in understanding various lingo related to the game. So, after reading this beginner’s guide, you will get to know multiple things, including football lessons for beginners near you.

As a passionate player or beginner, you very well know that Football is the most eminent game played in the world. And also, it needs a lot of stamina and power to stay on the ground while doing a goal. However, in the beginning, you can feel that it is a very confusing sport, but in reality, it is straightforward to understand as well as play if appropriately explained.

Even more, as a beginner, you can also see American football videos or watching football for beginners to get an edge.

Keeping this in mind, in this post, you will read about how, as a beginner, you can become a successful player in Football, especially in America. So, let’s start with fundamentals first keeping in mind the football lessons for beginners.

  1. The players

In American Football, two teams, each of eleven players, play the match in 120- rectangular yard field whose ultimate goal is to score the goal and touchdown. However, in these two teams, each player is specialist. It means according to the different positions they very well know what to do next to obtain the goal.

Each team is divided into the ratio of 4-4-2 that denotes four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers.

  1. American Football rules

If you talk about scoring, it is done by a team or offense. This means their main aim is to take the ball to the end zone of their opponent area. This you can do by running or passing to your teammates.

On the other hand, the team which is on offense has a chance of four downs to move the ball around 10 yards. However, if the team is not able to move four downs, then the ball is offered to the opponent team.

Moreover, on the fourth down, both teams have the option to do a field goal or punt, and this field goal must be within 40 yards.

Another fundamental thing for a beginner is Football is divided into four quarters, which are of 15 minutes each. And the team will get half the time between the second and the third quarter.

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How to Score in Football?

6TouchdownIn order to score a touchdown, some portion of the ball must cross the goal line while it’s in possession of an offensive player.
1Extra Point- After a touchdownThe kicker kicks the ball between the goalpost and above the crossbar.
2Two-Point Conversion- After a touchdownInstead of going for an extra point, the shot is retaken across the goal line as if scoring a quick second touchdown.
3Field GoalThe kicker kicks the ball between the goalpost and above the crossbar. This is attempted during the fourth down.
2SafetyA safety is scored if the opponent travels backward into their endzone and is tackled in the end zone or steps out of bounds in the end zone

Now, after you come to know about how the game is played, next comes is tips for football lessons for beginners.

  1. Being fit is the key

Football is a very physically demanding game and demands good conditioning and endurance that you have to maintain in the form of speed, balance, and strength. However, it’s your passion and your body structure that tells on which position you will play.

  1. Get comfortable with passing

If you get mastery in the football sport, your pass will elevate team performance by leaps and bounds. This means passing is just vision, judgment, and communication, and the most essential technique. As a beginner, you have to get comfortable with passing as early as possible so that you can offer the ball to the best position.

  1. Gearing upright

No doubt, the game of football needs only one piece of equipment that is a ball that is passed between two teams. But, the right clothing like shoes, dress, etc can help you to achieve high performance by avoiding severe injuries.

  1. The defense is the backbone

The beginner might be tempted to play forward, but if you work on defense, it will be the fastest way to improve. This means if you play strong defense, then it is the basis of better offense, which is a straightforward way to build camaraderie with your team.

  1. Tactics of the team

As a beginner if you play the game with full concentration, then the chances of improving it are more by which you can easily understand the working of the team.

  1. Always be positive

If, as a beginner or an experienced player, you play football with the right mindset, then you can easily reach the peak. These means enjoy while playing, and it is the key to pursue the game.

Now, look at the list of understanding football plays with penalties for the beginners.

After knowing these penalties, you will fully understand American football rules and come to understand how to play football for beginners: –

PenaltyDescriptionPenalty Yardage (NFL)
EncroachmentWhen a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage and makes contact with an opponent before the ball is snapped.5 yards
OffsideWhen any part of a player’s body is beyond the line of scrimmage or free kick line when the ball is put into play.5 yards
Holding (Offensive)When an offensive player uses his hands, arms, or other parts of his body to prevent a defensive player from tackling the ball carrier.10 yards
Helmet to Helmet CollisionWhen one player uses his helmet to hit into another player’s helmet.15 yards
Automatic First Down
Horse Collar TackleWhen one player tackles another by grabbing inside their shoulder pads (or jersey) from behind and yanking them down.15 yards
Automatic First Down
Face MaskWhen a player catches the face mask of another player while attempting to block or tackle.15 yards
Automatic First Down
Roughing the KickerWhen a defensive player makes any contact with the punter, provided the opposing player hasn’t touched the kicked ball before contact.15 yards
Automatic First Down
Roughing the PasserWhen a defensive player makes direct contact with the quarterback after the quarterback has released the ball.15 yards
Automatic First Down
Personal FoulAn illegal, flagrant foul is considered risky to the health of another player.15 yards
Delay of GameAn action which delays the game; for example, if the offense allows the play clock to run out5 yards
False StartWhen an interior lineman on the offensive team moves prior to the snap of the ball, or when an offensive player makes a quick abrupt movement prior to the snap of the ball.5 yards
Holding (Defensive)When a defensive player grabs or holds an offensive player other than the ball carrier.5 yards
Automatic First Down
Pass InterferenceA judgment call made by an official who sees a defensive player making contact with the intended receiver before the ball arrives, thus restricting his opportunity to catch the forward pass.Spot of the foul
Automatic First Down

So, after reading this beginner’s guide, you get to know about various rules, penalties, and about the pitch of the game. On the other hand, if you want to get training in Football and are looking for the best youth football trainer near you, then you can install Athlete connect app on which you will get the best trainers from all over the world.