Best Football Coaches & Trainers in Arlington, Tx

Best Football Coaches & Trainers in Arlington, Tx

Apart from the skill development in the athletes, a football trainer brings so much more to the role than simply being a coach. A football trainer uses transformational techniques of training and uses his charisma to bring the best in an athlete. 

We must have seen coaches shrieking from the sidelines, guiding his players, this tells about the dedication a football coach brings to the task. 

They are all exposed to the game situations in their professional careers and train an athlete according to his true potential. Trainers do not make each player follow a predefined training schedule but understand the ability of individuals and make them work under tailor-made schedules. 

Here is the List of Best Football Trainers in Arlington, Tx

If you too are planning to get hooked on a football coach in Arlington, this article will help you to select from the best private trainees in the town. The trainers mentioned in the below list were once a player themselves so no one better than them could understand the game.

1. Bobby Kelly: Bobby is currently coaching high school and college football athletes. He has the experience of serving as the head coach at John F. Kennedy Middle School. 

Bobby Kelly Football Training
  • Experience: He has been serving as a football trainer Arlington for the past 19 years. He now wishes to step into athlete-specific training. 
  • Specialization: Bobby trains for the American Football positions of Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver and Defensive Back. 
  • Training Location: 
    • Duncanville High School, 900 Camp Wisdom Road, Duncanville, TX
    • 3700 N MacArthur Blvd, 3700 North MacArthur Boulevard, Irving, TX

2. DeMarco King: He has played as a quarterback for his entire playing career. He has trained about 10 All Americans Quarterbacks at the High School and College football level. 

  • Experience: He has been training college and high school quarterbacks for 17 years now. 
  • Specialization: though he specializes in training quarterbacks, his training package includes training for Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, and Defensive Back. 
  • Training Location: 
    • William H Byrd Middle School, 1040 West Wheatland Road, Duncanville, TX

3. Jacob F: He has played in the NFL as a lineman. In the NFL draft, he was signed by the Green Bay Packers. He has played in the defensive and offensive line for most of his professional career. 

  • Experience: He has been training for the past 3 years. He’s trained athletes who have made it to the high school football level. 
  • Specialization: Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back. 
  • Training Location: 
    • Jesuit Dallas, 12345 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX
    • J W Williams Middle School, 625 E FM 552, Rockwall, TX
    • Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Worth, TX

4. Daniel N: He was the captain of his high school football team an All- district linebacker. Daniel has trained six All-District players and one All-State player.

  • Experience:  Daniel has been serving as a football coach Arlington for the past 18 years at the high school and college level. 
  • Specialization: He has played in defensive positions, so he trains Defensive Line, Linebacker and Defensive Back.
  • Training Location:
    • Cross Timbers Middle School, 2301 Pool Road, Grapevine, TX
    • Grace Preparatory Academy, 3300 Interstate 20 West, Arlington, TX
    • Saginaw High School, 800 N Blue Mound Rd, Saginaw, TX

5. Chad P: During his high school football level he played as a defensive tackle for the University of Miami. He has played in the NFL and the D1 college football. 

  • Experience: He is a National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) certified coach and has coaching experience of 12 years. 
  • Specialization: He trains for the specific positions of Defensive Line and Offensive Line. 
  • Training Location:
    • 1103 Dan Gould Dr, 1103 Dan Gould Drive, Arlington, TX
    • 600 SE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX. 
    • 2101 E Sublett Rd, Arlington, TX

6. James B: Out of his trained athletes 12 played as a lineman at the college football and 1 played in the NFL. During his high school days, he played in both Offensive and Defensive Line which shows his versatility. 

  • Experience: He has 16 years of training experience behind his back, 10 years as an offensive coordinator, and the remaining 5 as a head coach at a high school. 
  • Specialization: He trains for every position of the offensive line since he is an offensive coordinator. 
  • Training Location:
    • Cistercian Preparatory School, 3660 Cistercian Rd, Irving, TX

7. Charvis R: He was the All-District Offensive Player of the Year playing as a Running Back during his senior season. He has played for Northwestern State University as a linebacker. 

Experience: He has been training for 13 years at the middle school and high school levels. 

Specialization: Charvis holds key specialization in training for Running Back and Linebacker since he has played for both the positions. 

Training Location: 

  • W S Permenter Middle School, 431 W Parkerville Rd, Cedar Hill, TX
  • Cannaday Elementary School, 2701 Chisholm Trail, Mesquite, TX
  • Beasley Elementary School, 919 Green Canyon Drive, Mesquite, TX

8. Jeremy Grey: Jeremy is a former NFL All-Pro and is currently serving as the  Green Bay Packers defensive back coach. He has 30 years of experience playing in the NFL. He has trained 2 All-AACC players and 3 NFL players in his coaching career. 

  • Experience: he has coaching experience of 10 years. Since the beginning of his coaching career, he is training middle school, high school, and college athletes  
  • Specialization: He has valuable insights training in the positions of Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive Line, and Defensive Back. 
  • Training Location:
    • Dallas, TX
    • McKinney, TX
    • Frisco, TX

9. Stoney C: he had a glorious career playing as a quarterback. He was the 1994 WAC player of the year. Also was the only quarterback in NCAA Division1 history that passed for about 9,000 yards and rushed for over 1,000 yards. 

  • Experience: He has been training as a football coach at Arlington for 5 years now. During his tenure, he has coached successfully high school and college athletes
  • Specialization: he trains for the Quarterback position which he played for during his entire career and Wide Receiver. 
  • Training Location:
    • Flower Mound, TX
    • Frisco, TX
    • Southlake, TX

10. Slade M: He was an All-State level receiver at the Fort Worth Christian high school. His trained players went on to earn All-State Honors and are playing at the college football level. 

  • Experience: His coaching experience is 20 long years. He has been coaching middle school, high school, college, and league athletes 
  • Specialization: Slade has been training for Defensive Back, Linebacker, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End and Wide Receiver positions of American Football. 
  • Training Location:
    • Dallas, TX
    • 75039, Irving, TX
    • Dallas Love Field Airport, 8008 Herb Kelleher Way, Dallas, TX

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