10 Offensive Line Drills to do at Home

10 Offensive Line Drills to do at Home

Orthodox thinking suggests that both offense and defense are equally important for a team to function as a well-oiled unit, and there’s no denying this fact. But it won’t be an understatement to state that the offensive line always has an edge over its defensive counterparts. 

A capable offensive line has enough potential to penetrate the defense of even the highest quality. 

Currently, the world is trying to present some sort of resistance to the pandemic. The athletes are forced to stay at their places, they are restrained from paying visits to their training facilities. Such a long gap in the training schedule can invite an awful impact on the practice routine of the players. 

Understanding the ill impacts of the halt the players are experiencing in their training routine we have come up with 

10 Offensive Line Drills to do at Home”

You can perform these drills at your place quite conveniently, these drills have minimal equipment requirements which can be met quite easily. They are designed to meet the training needs of your body to be met to sustain or develop the skills necessary for being a player in the offensive line. 

  • One-Handed Catch Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: The players need to catch the ball in the most awkward situations, thus a player must learn to control the ball exceptionally well. This drill is for enabling a player to catch difficult passes. 

Set-up: The set-up is very easy to place a net or stand in front of a wall. Ask your supporter to throw the ball towards you. 


  • The thrower will throw the ball at different angles, heights, speed. 
  • You need to quickly adjust your position to catch the ball and prevent it from going past yourself. 
  • Repeat the drill for at least 100 catches. 
  • 5 Yard Shuttle Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: To improve the short time explosiveness, and maintaining agility while running and changing directions frequently. 

Set-up: Place a cone in front of you at 5 yards, place another cone to the right of the first cone. 


  • From the starting point make a fast dash towards the first cone then move to the second cone similarly.
  • Retreat to the first cone and finally to the starting position. 
  • Repeat this drill for 5-10 times in quick successions for better results. Have a look at this video demonstration. 
  • The Gap Blocking Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: To fill the gap in the line before the player carrying the ball gets into the linebacking core or secondary.

Set-up: The set up is quite simple, place 7 cones in a line. This will allow 6 gaps to the offensive lineman to choose from. 


  • On the signal from the coach, the offensive player will rush through the hole of his choice. 
  • The defensive player on the other side will take a much smaller angle and will look to block the offensive player. 
  • This drill can attract wear and tear so it is advised to practice them on off days. Watch the video for a better understanding. 
  • The Cupping Drill for Pass Protection

The Motive Behind the Drill: To make the players learn to play as a team. This drill teaches the lineman to form a cupping shape to protect the quarterback and pass protection. 

Set-up: The offensive lineman stands in front of the quarterback in a line waiting for the signal of the coach. 


  • As soon as the coach calls ‘hut’ the offensive lineman rushes out and forms a cupping shape in front of the quarterback. 
  • The lineman will continue to move feet and arms until the coach signals for a break. Refer to the video for a better understanding.
  • Double Team Offensive Line Drill

The Motive Behind the Drill: Works on the movement and chipping off skills of the linebacker. Also called as the power 

Set-up: Make two offensive lineman stand foot to foot, hip to hip with each other closely. A defensive player will stand in the middle of them. 


  • On the signal, the two offensive players will push in tandem with arms and legs to push the defensive player away. 
  • The players must stick to the hip to hip position and generate an upward lift while pushing. Watch the video for visual understanding. 
  • Circle Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: It is aimed at bringing the throwing accuracy in the athletes while they are on the move. 

Set up: Place a cone on the ground and stand facing your partner on the opposite sides of the cone each 5 yards away. 


  • The player needs to run in a circle after throwing the ball at his partner. 
  • He should run in a circle while maintaining a 10 yards cushion between them. 
  • The throwing of the passes should continue similarly while running in circles. The following video will present a better picture. 
  • QB Protect Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: This drill is for the offensive lineman to learn to sustain and finish blocks on a pass play. 

Set-up: Place a dummy bag on the ground, and make two offensive linemen stand a couple of yards from the bag. Also, 2 more defensive linemen will be required to stand overtop and outside of the linemen.


  • On the coach’s signal, the defensive lineman will rush and with the offensive players trying to block them. 
  • The blockers must prevent the defensive lineman from reaching the dummy until the whistle goes off. 
  • Watch the video for a better understanding. 
  • Draw Block Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: This drill is to improve the power set and showing passability in the offensive players. 

Set-up: An offensive lineman and a defensive lineman will stand facing each other in a prepared stance ready to make a move. 


  • On a coach’s whistle, the defensive lineman will decide which way he wants to move and makes a move but the offensive lineman must present a block and refrain from crossing the line of scrimmage. 
  • The offensive lineman must turn either way to prevent the defensive lineman from crossing the line. watch the following video for detailed understanding. 
  • Hop and Switch:

The Motive Behind the Drill: Two of the most desired skills for an offensive lineman are speed and explosion coupled with ball control of the player while he is switching hands. This drill focuses on explosion and speed majorly. 

Set up: The offensive lineman carries the football in his right hand while his left hand rests on the ground. 


  • On the whistle jump off the ground and while in the air try switching the ball from right to the left hand. 
  • Land on the left leg and repeat the same for 20 yards. 
  • While you are jumping try to achieve maximum thrust from your legs for explosive strength. Do watch the supporting video. 
  • Pocket Presence Drill:

The Motive Behind the Drill: This drill will aim at the improvement of movement and footwork of the athlete. That too when the sight of the player isn’t on the other team players but while keeping the eyes downfield. 

Set up: Plant 2 hula hoops at a distance of five yards from the line of scrimmage. Each of the hula hoops must be 2 yards apart.


  • The players will start the drill at the coach’s instruction at LOS having the ball in hand. 
  • Followed by a 5 step drop, when attempting to go in between the hula hoops. 
  • After making it to the place where you started l, try attempting an accurate throw. 
  • Throwing accuracy will be achieved with practice. Have a look at the demonstration video. 

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